Sunday, 4th December 2022
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Nlemchukwu Godswill: How i managed to join my education and Crypto trading

Work has been viewed as conflicting with study rather than enhancing the learning experience unless it is part of a sandwich course.

Work has been viewed as conflicting with study rather than enhancing the learning experience unless it is part of a sandwich course.

Result study shows that part of the reason of student (regular); withdrawing at first and second year in particular, is working part-time (online or offline) and combining work and study effectively.

The need for university students to look for a source of income in order to offset some of their bills without bothering their sponsors is of importance. working while studying don’t only gives students Money but along with work experience, exposure and in some cases future connection.

Speaking with Nlemchukwu Godswill, CEO and founder of Kachiplug Exchange, a recent graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe university Awka who came out with flying colours while still making much impact in the crypto currency trading and Digital Assets Exchange Space; becoming one of the top leading crypto brand gave few advise and trick on how he was able to cope with his business while combining bit with education.

In his words “first, we must come to a realisation that the university wall is a stressful and time demanding one to combine work (online or offline) with academics and be successful at both the, student should be ready to give in an extra effort as this will go a long way in ensuring success while at both.
The reason is based upon personal experience and discussion with other excelling student both at work and in studies.

Unstructured personal development plan design and lack of proper time management is a key problem of many students; before a student decide to combine work and studies he should adequately and structural plan and develop himself properly as well as have a good time management sorted out first, before he decides to combine work and studies, Nlemchukwu Godswill added.

While studying at a university, students should get an all-round educational experience within the context, university strives to develop the transferable skills to assist students preparations for lifelong learning; work experience gained from employment and vocational training can form a part of the lifelong learning in addition to academic experience.

In my case I knew the learning experience is essential in developing transferable skills and improving performance for the future but i equally got an early understanding that the benefits of working reflect and has records on personal development even as a student and they are enormous amongst which Nlemchukwu said.

Learning new skills and developing existing skills to a higher level is vital in today’s world, working as a student will improve future employment and dependability and equally enhance career development.

I noticed the cryptocurrency space was gaining more popularity and it gave me the freedom of time I quickly dived into the space and that was what gave birth to kachiplug today. The journey was not so easy from the beginning but like I said earlier, I already had a good planning structure and time management already sorted out.

I know when to read, when to trade and when to do other stuff. This was what helped me a lot while I was still schooling and decided to work equally. Every undergraduate can always combine work and schooling, just do a proper planning.

The use of other materials in aiding academic studies cannot be left out, read ahead when you have the time. increasing importance to final outcome for students, requires an integrated approach to include learning from sources outside the normal educational environment with increased emphasis on lifelong learning. Every student is required to undertake a combination of work and study to assist themselves while in school.

There’s no reason why combined work and study cannot begin successfully at undergraduate level – every undergraduate should find out what they’re passionate about and dive into it, this will aid a smooth working and study combination.