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The social impact of Ayo Ncho Wax Prints 


Climate change or man made deforestation anywhere on earth is mostly the same and Nigeria is no different, but when it comes to sustainable goals one business owner is trailblazing a pathway showing another narrative while accumulating mineable data.

Playable games of leisure and strategy as a reprieve to changing landscapes in tough business economy comes with the reintroduction of; Ayo Olopon also called Ncho, is a traditional Mancala board game that has now been given a timeless pan-African look in Ankara, Adire, and Kente wax print fabrics, by technologist-designer Ade Olufeko. Selling over 200 mancala units to enter the market place.

Data in a dense populated city like Lagos makes it even harder to extract valuable information that can be quantifiable and sold for mass-market consumption, but Olufeko is a custodian of rich data formulated from his on-ground fieldwork and the camaraderie he has with the Lagos communities such as Okobaba close to makoko, creating numerous of opportunities for local artisans to keep food on their table, especially after the wood community was burnt down by a fire accident. The stakeholders of favorable policies for sustainable growth and observers alike see this as a call to conscience and action.

What is impressive is Olufeko’s legal team’s use of the Federal Ministry of Trade and investment’s Commercial law department of industrial property to undergo the process of procuring a patent of his customized mancala.

Objectively the veteran designer understands innovative copycats exist but the practice of utilizing safeguards on innovation and intellectual property slows down market saturation and this allows some type of peace of mind for any producer. In Q2 he and his team sold over 210 mancala units that equates to over 8,602 playing seeds, pebbles, and cowries combined. Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, and Calabar state consumers have been recipients of these one-of-a-kind items in the midst of wood scarcity and a turbulent economy.

Ade Olufeko’s work can be described as the development of the creative sector in West Africa. Today, he oversees The Avenue Creative Limited, based in Lagos. The company creates solutions through design, renewable products, and technology advisory to address and fix socio-economic issues starting with the real estate, tourism, and hospitality industries. He presently serves as the chairman of the Creative and Entertainment group in the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and industry, collaborating with its numerous groups.

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