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Why Nini deserves to soar in the Big Brother Naija house


If you’re a regular viewer of Big Brother Naija, you’ll know the sweet baby of the house is Nini.

It’s quite a shocker that Nini whose real name is Anita Singh was put up for nomination in the Big Brother house.

One person who is quite playful & friendly is Nini which has earned her a good spot in people’s minds as can be seen in the show.


She is fondly called White Money’s daughter & she perfectly expresses herself like that sweet little kid with no worries. This is the part most housemates love to see. Little wonder she gets the attention when needed.

Nini is the type of person that doesn’t hold grudges and speaks her mind without any hard feelings regardless of the situation. A strong indication that she has a good heart, one which is very rare.

Going by the clamor for a different big Brother Naija edition devoid of fight, envy & troubles, Nini actuallly embodies peace with her easy nature.

Another reason why Nini deserves to remain in the house till the last day & survive eviction this week is simply because she is loved. While it might seem like she has few favorites in the house, almost all the housemates love her regardless of their cliques & a good number of them are always on the lookout for the beautiful petite graduate of the University of Abuja. Little wonder her nomination made a fellow housemate cry, talk about deep connection and love. Nini is Daddy’s girl outside the house and also inside the house, best of both worlds

Talk about being bubbly & engaging in cruise as used on Twitter streets, Nini is full of life & ready to light up everywhere with her smile & charming nature. You simply can’t see an angry or cold Nini face making it evident that the sweetness is in-born. She doesn’t hesitate to listen to advice & take to instructions.

There hasn’t been a moment in the house so far where she went against the rules or engaged in any action faced by criticisms or complains by the housemates. She is simply well-behaved & knows when to be very serious irrespective of her playful nature. Although her friendship with a fellow housemate has given some people a funny impression about her as regards engaging in talks, Nini has shown that she is a very cool individual & definitely no one is perfect. She deserves to stay in the Big Brother house & not get evicted.

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