DXS Fashion: Using online platform to solve fashion challenges

By Omiko Awa |   21 April 2019   |   4:06 am  


Concerned that some young fashion designers do not have access to showcase their products to the world, Olawale Ismail has set up DXS Fashion platform to fill the gap.

The online platform is targeted at solving all the fashion challenges designers, shoppers, brand merchants and individuals encounter. The mechanical engineer turned fashion manger revealed that his online platform is available to showcase designers and their franchise to the world. He added that his team came up with the idea as a one-stop-shop to solve designers, buyers and sellers challenges, and also to fulfill their needs.

Do they have a big warehouse to store all the products as suppliers bring them? “No, we do not need a warehouse because we have a model, which does not require warehousing items,” he said.

According to him, DXS is run on a model, that is sourced from a supplier and sells to a buyer. “We do not need to warehouse any item. Rather, we get from the source and sell directly to buyers.


“ We get customers’ specifications and source for a reputable brand to design them; so, the business keeps one on his toes, knowing what is trendy and reaching out to designers. We give our designers 48 hours to make them. In fact, there are brands that are already waiting for orders as we speak,” he said.

Ismail disclosed that his online platform is into general fashion, but for now has to deal in male and female wears and accessories and as it progresses other items such as sports wears, shoes, hair and beauty products and others would be added.

Disclosing that the platform needs designers to exist, he said his team does not just accept a designer because he/she is into the needle and thread business. He noted that his outfits have guidelines and anyone that has shown interest to partner with them has to abide by it.

He said: “To work with us, we must see your previous products; inspect them and if they fit our guidelines, we take you on. We want the best and not shady jobs.”

Overcoming the challenges of different body sizes and continental preferences, the fashion manager noted that his outfit has the right professionals that know and can make fitting clothes for anybody whether the sizes are from the UK, Asia, the United States of America or any part of Africa. He added that apart from this, they allow people to give them their own sizes, especially those with plus body type.

For barely a month the company came to being, Ismail disclosed that he is overwhelmed with the visit he gets on daily basis, adding that he hopes to include other items soon to create more jobs and give visibility to other branches of fashion.

On the challenges of the business, DXS manager revealed that it has been difficult getting a very good online developer and manager that would manage the different segments of the platform, adding that the online space needs professionals to host pictures and do other things. He also pointed at logistics/marketing as a challenge, saying this problem would only be over if people from other digital platforms synergize, noting that this will not only solve a lot of problems, but would increase profit.

Urging future start-ups never to lose their business ideas, Ismail said: “It is difficult, but if one is ready to pursue his/her passion and vision he/she will make it. Everything is difficult until one sets forth.” He urges government and concerned groups to establish avenues where people, especially youths could go and share their business plans with the aim of knowing how to make them work.

Commenting on the uniqueness of his platform, DXS headman noted that his outfit provides opportunity for buyers to see varieties of items at a-go from the comfort of their homes or offices and also get commentary on them. According to him, the platform is interactive, educative and informative, which is not the norm compared to others.

On the prospects, he said it is highly rewarding, saying if Jumia could make over N20b after two years of doing business, it is not out of place then, to say online business has the ability to make up to N100b in two years.


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