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Multichem partners international firm on enzyme supply

By Ajibola Amzat
30 September 2009   |   4:30 am
MULTICHEM Industries Limited, a Nigerian trading and manufacturing company, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Novozymes, a global supplier of industrial biosolution to expand its product portfolio and other services to local consumers. At the official launch ceremony to mark the co-operation between the two companies in the Nigeria market, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Multichem, Mr. Y.Y. Pinge said that the presence of the two companies in Nigeria was important so as to facilitate distribution of enzymes among the Nigerian customers in various industries like bakery, brewery, cereal food and detergents especially the small and medium scale buyers.

“If some people want 200 kilo of enzymes, for instance, they cannot airfreight it because it would be expensive and that is why we are here.”

Pinge, who was particularly excited at the success of the partnership arrangement, said that Novozymes controlled 50 per cent of global market share of enzymes, which he said made the Danish company a formidable partner.

He added that prior to the partnership between both companies, enzymes were usually air freighted to Nigeria from Europe to Nigeria, thereby making the product unnecessarily expensive and, therefore, creating comparative disadvantage in the Nigerian market.

“Now We are going to keep these stocks in our factory in Nigeria as local sourcing arm of Novozymes, and distribute to companies in baking, brewery, cereal food and detergent industries,” he said.

He added that operating a local supply chain would make the market stable since the customers could get steady supply of enzymes without delay.

In his response, African Development Projects Director, Novozymes, Rodney Blower said that the need to offer a competitive price to Nigerian customers informed the decision for the partnership with Multichem because there are other suppliers.

Presently, Novozymes distribution network spread to other African countries like South Africa and Kenya.

Speaking about the usefulness of enzymes, Blower explained that enzymes were catalysts, which helped in the formulation of detergents.

Enzymes, according to him, worked on stubborn stain and had been responsible for numerous improvements in wash performance, and with a softer effect on fabrics.

“Enzymes have also contributed to more environmentally adapted washing and cleaning because they are bio degradable.”

He pointed out that the continued development of enzymes could lead not only to improved cleaning effects on fabrics and surgical equipment but also it could be useful in the production of biofuel from cassava, which he described as the energy source of the future natural processes in the production food.”