National Red Wine Day- Compound Found in Red Wine Could Treat Depression

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There is a good news for red wine lovers, it has been discovered that compound found in Red Wine could treat depression good news for wine-lovers.

According to Dr. Ying Xu via Daily Mail, a compound found in red wine could pave the way for new depression and anxiety treatments.

Tests on mice showed resveratrol, which is found in the skin of grapes, blocked an enzyme that causes depressive and anxious behavior.

The Neuropharmacology journal study suggests the compound could be an effective alternative to drugs. Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Resveratrol has so many health effects apart from the ones mentioned above, any drink with resveratrol is very beneficial to the health. Resveratol in red wine also boost heart health, protect against some kinds of cancer, and prevent some types of vision loss.


Apart from red wine, Resveratol can be found in berries and grapes. If you are not a fan of red wine, grapes and berries are options you can also consider.

Resveratrol in Red wine according to researchers for John Hopkins University,  School of Medicine, may protect the brain from stroke damage. Results from tests on mice showed that resveratrol increased levels of heme oxygenase, an enzyme known to protect nerve cells in the brain from damage. When a stroke occurs, the brain is ready to protect itself because of higher enzyme levels.  Therefore, for stroke victims, it is essential for recovery.

Most alcoholic drinks are detrimental to human health and can cause cancer, however, red wine prevents breast cancer in women if taken in regulated quantity. According to Medical News Today, the aromatase inhibitors (AIs) that are present in red wine, and to a lesser extent white wine, reduce estrogen levels and increase testosterone in women approaching menopause.

It is the grape present in red wines that primarily provides these beneficial compounds, so eating red grapes is more healthful than drinking red wine.

You can introduce a glass of red wine in your meals, it is highly medicinal and performs different health functions because of the resveratrol in them.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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