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Articles by Chinwe Egwim

7 Aug 2020
In light of the covid-19 pandemic, there have been adjustments to the national fiscal purse. The total FGN spending of N10.52trn (US$27.2bn) including government...
18 Jun 2019
The thread that passed through each conversation was integration. Regional integration has been placed firmly on the front burner across African countries.
16 Feb 2019
The run-up to Nigeria’s presidential elections garners interest from both the domestic and international communities. Given that the macro environment is closely linked to politico-economic activities and the general notion is that elections bring a loss of macro discipline, examining economic trends during election periods is necessary. An extensive look at inflation reports during these…
29 Mar 2018
Nigeria's economy emerged from recession in 2017. The national accounts for Q4 2017 show an acceleration in growth from 1.4 per cent y/y in the previous quarter to 1.9 per cent. The acceleration was in part a reflection of improved stability in the Niger Delta since the oil economy expanded by 8.4 per cent y/y,…
19 Feb 2018
The growing appetite for mobile data usage as well as increased network coverage has increased the potential of Nigeria’s e-commerce market. The potential impact of a thriving e-commerce market is improved trade activity as it provides a cost-effective method of connecting producers and merchants directly to customers and a faster way to increase their visibility.…
22 Jan 2018
As the most populated African country, Nigeria’s human capital is largely untapped. The high population is often viewed as a double-edged sword...
25 Dec 2017
Although at a slow pace, inflation experienced a downward trend this year. The positive base effects against the monthly baskets in 2016 played a major role in the steady slowdown; improved fx liquidity also contributed and this was particularly visible in the trend of imported food prices.
20 Nov 2017
Homeownership in Nigeria remains a struggle. Given the choppy macro terrain, purchasing power has been severely eroded, making it difficult for income earners to purchase houses.
16 Oct 2017
The year is far spent and only one more MPC meeting is set to hold in 2017. Unless drastic shocks hit the economy within the next five weeks, the general expectation is for the committee to maintain its “steady as she goes” stance.
4 Sep 2017
Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has secured US$1.5bn from donor agencies to finance power transmission projects across the country. The TCN aims to achieve transmission capacity of 20,000MW over the next three years.
7 Aug 2017
The FGN has boosted rice paddy production, over that past two years annual paddy production has increased to 17mmt from 5mmt. Furthermore, the FGN is in the process of securing 200 rice mills, which it will supply at a discount.
3 Jul 2017
Conversations around textile, garments, ready-to-wear and fashion generally are incomplete without any reference to agriculture or the manufacturing sectors of the economy. Inclusive growth in Nigeria...