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Articles by Chioma Dike

5 Sep 2018
Men and women possess, at variant levels, both masculine and feminine energies. Obviously, women typically possess higher feminine energy and men typically possess higher masculine energy.
31 Mar 2018
It was on one of my visits to the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC several years ago when I was introduced to a woman who was the then Economic Minister to the Nigerian Consulate in the United States.
4 Mar 2018
As the world takes a trip down to the opulent land of Wakanda via Marvels’ Black Panther, let’s take a look at some real life women in African militia.
19 Jan 2018
When Nigeria gained its independence, most of the military governors who governed the states under the successive military regimes were under the age of 30 years, according to Wole Soyinka.
10 Nov 2017
As the importance of highlighting empowerment to the girl child is being heavily circulated, it is imperative to examine the differences in how a girl child and boy child are raised.
22 Sep 2017
Recently, Nigerian androgynous male models wore mini-skirts in a fashion campaign that led to an outrage which was defended by the creator of the spread, as pushing the boundaries on exploring masculinity.
25 Aug 2017
While volunteering for community development project in South Africa as a young adult, I was super excited to learn of the many facets of the culture and of community building.
11 Aug 2017
Recently a well-known urban music label owner revealed in a radio interview that he has reservations on signing any female artists to his label as he would likely be inclined to engage in sexual activities with her.
21 Jul 2017
In Cameroon, 30 per cent of sexual violence experienced by schoolgirls was reportedly committed by male students; In the Netherlands, a study reports that 27 per cent of students had been sexually harassed by a school personnel.
30 Jun 2017
Improvements made in the availability, affordability and accessibility of water and sanitation goes a long way to improving the quality of life for the lives of billions of people.
26 May 2017
As a woman, if you find yourself in an office where there are few women or are the only woman, it is your duty to lobby, if you will, for more opportunities for women.
12 May 2017
I attended a panel discussion at the Lagos X Art fair, recently, and one of the artists expressed that being labelled female artist at various art exhibitions and showcases usually made people focus more on her gender and instead of focusing on the art itself.