Monday, 2nd October 2023

Articles by Emmanuel Akinwotu

31 Mar 2017
Press releases from across the current Nigerian government are generally more detailed and frequent, than from the last government. There seems to be a better willingness to give concrete information about their agenda.
17 Mar 2017
Without speaking to people who have suffered in the Lagos State Ministry for Youth and Social Development’s detention facility in Majidun, it would be difficult to believe it exists.
24 Feb 2017
From the beginning, and now a month after President Muhamadu Buhari left Nigeria on a medical trip to London, the presidency and his administration have refused to disclose what the state of his current condition is.
25 Jan 2017
The current government have confronted the threat of Boko Haram with a resolve that the last government never did. Until the final months of their term, the last administration was alarmingly dismissive....
16 Jan 2017
The rural-urban divide is a challenge in Nigeria as it is in countries across the world. According to the World Bank, in 1960 85% of Nigerians lived in rural areas. Today less than 50% do.
11 Jan 2017
The first time I was robbed was a difficult but mildly comical affair. In a car park in London, a hooded boy, far taller and bigger than I was, grabbed me in a choke-hold and demanded...
23 Dec 2016
40-year-old James Oloja*, speaks calmly but looks permanently on edge. Rocking against the wall, he explains how he suffered from the ethno-religious violence that marred Jos for over 12 years.....
8 Dec 2016
Only in Police states are military violations above the law. Yet in Kaduna, the potential multiple violations committed by the military have been effectively absolved. In the aftermath of the killing of 349 Shiite members.....