Monday, 11th December 2023

Articles by Ernest Danjuma Enebi

21 Nov 2018
In May 1967, just 7 years after independence, Lagos then the Federal Capital Territory was designated as a state, under the leadership...
16 Oct 2018
In early march, during one of my regular visits home, I ran into Adaora Mbelu - Dania - a brand strategist, who I had watched and respected from a distance as one of the more brilliant minds of our generation. Casual banter evolved into a strategy session and before long we veered into politics, as…
17 Jul 2018
Following the bloodiest attack on farmers by herdsmen yet, which left up to 200 people dead in Plateau state, and an unrelated tanker explosion...
15 May 2018
A few weeks ago, I woke up to messages from a few friends urging me to apply for a high profile job at a music streaming company, which they thought held the keys to transforming the burgeoning African music landscape.
18 Apr 2018
Much has been said about the meteoric rise of Rwanda from the ashes of civil war to its capital Kigali being named the most beautiful and the greenest city in Africa by the United Nations.
13 Mar 2018
American civil rights icon, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, once said, it is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is 11am on Sunday morning, highlighting the irony that churches, at the time, were split along colour lines.
13 Feb 2018
Over the years there has been a growing chorus for more youth participation in politics and governance, with proponents arguing that the same old tired politicians who have been at the helm since Nigeria’s independence need to retire. In a recent video that went viral, the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Enugu - Reverend…
17 Jan 2018
When the Washington Post first reported that President Trump raised concerns about immigrants from Africa and Haiti, asking why the United States should continue accepting immigrants from “Shithole countries,” I dismissed it as yet another one of his racist remarks. Then I thought, these aren’t just the words of an ignorant bigot, but the official…
12 Dec 2017
In the waning days of the Mugabe Administration, the 93-year-old president who had ruled Zimbabwe for the better part of three decades, lost the support of his key allies. His Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa who he had fired week’s prior purportedly at the behest of his wife Grace Mugabe who it was rumored had plans…
14 Nov 2017
In July 2015, a few months after President Buhari was sworn in, he took a trip to Washington D.C at the invitation of then US President Barack Obama to discuss bilateral cooperation on Nigeria’s economy, corruption, and security.
10 Oct 2017
As Liberians head to the polls today to decide who will succeed President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, there is tremendous excitement and hope for renewed energy and new possibilities.
12 Sep 2017
In 2010, shortly after a lazy documentary, “Welcome to Lagos” aired on the BBC - where a British filmmaker “discovered” a community of people living in a refuse dump - drew the ire of Nigerians, BBC Africa asked people to describe Nigeria in one word using the hashtag #onewordnigeria.