Saturday, 4th December 2021
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Articles by Maje Ayida

11 Aug 2016
Sure, you could eat whatever you wanted back in the day and stay trim. But unfortunately you’re not 17 anymore, and even if you work out round the clock, you can’t transform your body ...
28 Jul 2016
You exercise regularly, eat your fruits and veggies and never miss an annual exam, and it’s paying off. You look and feel great! But even though you’re fit and healthy right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean your daily so-called “good” habits...
14 Jul 2016
I used to have this problem, I saw going to the gym as a chore and, quite frankly, boring till I decided to focus on activities I truly enjoy. Often getting started can be the hardest step to take.
30 Jun 2016
Well, dragging yourself to the gym without putting much thought into your routine or lifestyle and expecting to lose weight is no different. You’re not going to trim down unless you take the time to study.
23 Jun 2016
Let’s get the obvious reason you overeat out of the way: Food tastes really good. And some of it tastes really, really good. Too good to go to waste.
17 May 2016
Something interesting happened over the weekend, or should I say I witnessed something interesting.