Monday, 2nd October 2023

Articles by Molara Wood

22 Oct 2017
Rape has become a spectre; a tool of male entitlement, as well as a threat issued to keep women in check. From Kenya to Nigeria, prominent men have threatened female colleagues with rape, in widely reported incidents, without censure.
8 Oct 2017
I cannot claim to have coined the ‘Siddon Look’ moniker for the 20-foot statue of Chief Obafemi Awolowo that the Lagos State Government (LASG) has plonked in an intersection of the road named after the late sage.
3 Sep 2017
In the heady summer of 1997, Diana Princess of Wales was on a roll. She had found a new love in Dodi al-Fayed, son of the billionaire owner of Harrods, the luxury store located in London’s Knightsbridge.
6 Aug 2017
Toni Kan’s ‘The Carnivorous City’ delves into the criminal underbelly of Lagos, but it is not a crime novel in the strict sense.
30 Jul 2017
“Everything about our own culture is being suppressed nowadays, blacked out systematically from the children’s consciousness, including the ability to communicate in our mother tongues.
9 Jul 2017
By the time we come to the end of ‘Stay With Me’, shortlisted for the 2017 Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction, the reader is spent, having been taken through the mill by the protagonist’s seemingly endless travails. We have run such a gamut of emotions....
18 Jun 2017
“Not so, Marion. We are not on the same side. You should know this by now. Whatever you say, I disagree with. However you feel, I feel the opposite. At no point in anything are you and I on the same...
4 Jun 2017
This is Jos, a city that promises “emotional stability” alongside something “one could not quite place”. Nothing quite prepares anyone for what follows, and by the end of the first chapter, several family members are feared dead.
21 May 2017
Morayo is not your average woman of a certain age. A retired professor of English, she has lived an eventful life travelling the world as a diplomat’s wife, and is now facing the autumn of her life with the verve of a rose in bloom.
7 May 2017
Jowhor Ile’s debut novel, ‘And After Many Days’, begins powerfully enough. 17-year-old Paul, the eldest of three children, goes out one day and doesn’t return.
16 Apr 2017
During a crisis in an episode of ‘The Fixer’, an international TV series about the fictional American President Grant, his Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene is shown in a contemplative mood...
2 Apr 2017
Returning to the UNESCO Category II Centre for Black Culture and International Understanding (CBCIU) in Osogbo, Osun State, after many years, one felt some sadness at the state of the place. An intricately carved monolithic wood, once celebrated as the tallest talking drum in the world, was now cracked and bent. Even its base seemed…