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Articles by Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe

1 Aug 2019
Playing a sport is such a great way to keep your body fit and healthy. But we all know that with sports activity always comes the huge risk of some form of injury to the body. These sports injuries may be acute or chronic in nature and may even arise on account of trauma or simply from overuse of distinct muscle groups.
11 Jul 2019
Has the development of cellulite on your body started to really bother you? Well, as we all get older that jiggly “cottage cheese" appearance of the skin that many often dread is something that both women and men may experience. Yes, men can actually develop cellulite too, but the prevalence tends to be much higher in women. So, what exactly is cellulite anyway?
27 Jun 2019
Are you a woman who has experienced a low sex drive at some point in life? Well, it is not unusual for a woman’s libido to wax and wane over time. A diminished libido may occur for various reasons including stress, relationship problems, depression, thyroid disorders, medication side effect, and several other medical and mental health conditions.
13 Jun 2019
We always hear about the importance of adhering to a well-balanced healthy diet; the healthy eating mantra is quite ubiquitous. But the reality is that not everyone is in tune with what constitutes healthy eating. When you think about your food choices over the past twenty-four hours, are you actually able to identify foods which…
23 May 2019
May marks women’s health month! Although improving your overall health and wellbeing should really be the ultimate goal year round, this month serves as a reminder for women to really hone in on those aspects of health that have been neglected.
25 Apr 2019
When you first meet a person of very short stature, what are some of the thoughts that come to mind? Some people unfortunately harbor negative views about those with dwarfism and may stare, make rude jokes or comments, and even discriminate against those with the condition.
11 Apr 2019
Coping with the sweltering heat during an intense heat wave can be extremely difficult and frustrating for anyone to endure. Especially when electricity shortages seem to be the norm in Nigeria...
28 Mar 2019
Child marriage remains a serious human rights violation against young children, which has been quite difficult to eradicate. It’s not just an issue specific to the African continent, but a dangerous problem occurring worldwide.
14 Mar 2019
How knowledgeable are you about your urogenital health? Concerning the male genitourinary system, it encompasses organs that are essential for urinary and reproductive genital health such as the kidneys, urinary bladder, prostate, testes, penis, and other structures. When men have problems or concerns involving these organs, there is sometimes a reluctance to mention any urologic…
28 Feb 2019
When you witness a child “acting up” in public, what is your initial impression of their behavior? Are you quick to judge and initially think that the child has no home training and was not disciplined properly by the parents? In Nigeria, where discipline is usually engrained in the upbringing of children, you may very…
14 Feb 2019
Every election year conjures up hope that elected officials will make important decisions and create policies that may bring about positive change for all, especially when it comes to healthcare. The future of healthcare in Nigeria is undoubtedly at a critical crossroads, and the triad of looming problems including access to care, affordability of care…
29 Nov 2018
Cancer has undoubtedly affected the lives of most people worldwide, whether it has been in a direct or indirect manner.