Wednesday, 29th November 2023

Articles by Olumide Makanjuola

30 Jan 2018
The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) organised the third edition of Human Rights, Sexuality and The Law symposium in commemoration of the 2017 international Human Rights Day.
25 Oct 2017
I have always believed we need to free ourselves on discussion around sex, this thinking that once you talk about sex you are “lose or unholy” is wrong and a false to our realities.
20 Sep 2017
Recently, a video emerged of an incident of jungle justice against an intersex teenager which allegedly took place in either Delta or Edo state in Nigeria. The video which appears to be genuine...
16 Aug 2017
If someone says he is gay, he has not committed any offence. This witch hunt of gay people, and thinking that gay people are illegal, is wrong because being gay, or being suspected of being gay, is not a crime.
19 Jul 2017
Recently, a sitting senator and former governor of Yobe State, Senator Buka Ibrahim, was allegedly caught on camera, having sex with two women in a motel.
21 Jun 2017
Recently, two incidents brought home the reality of daring to express a sense of sexuality that is different from what the mainstream Nigeria knows or socially believes to be the only sexuality.
17 May 2017
In using the words ‘Same Sex Marriage,’ what lawmakers did was to play on Nigerians’ fear of cultural change, with a controversial title, when really this law goes far beyond banning same-sex marriage.