Sunday, 24th September 2023

Articles by Rotimi Fawole

20 Aug 2019
The dearth of leaders of quality is often and correctly said to be the problem with Nigeria. But if we will be honest, we will acknowledge that we have a considerable followership problem as well, perhaps underscoring another truism ....
15 Aug 2019
On the day the news of the Paradise Papers broke, the BBC aired a documentary showing the investigations its journalists had done since the data leak.
6 Aug 2019
If you like constitutionalism and geopolitics, you are likely to have found Brexit and the issues around it wholly fascinating. It is a process that somewhat removed Nigeria and one that could yet be an opportunity if we upped our exports game.
30 Jul 2019
The Nigerian Government's recent abortive attempt at deploying its RUGA objective was a masterclass in how not to roll out any policy, let alone a controversial one. It was so for many reasons. First of all, there is no short-cutting the best practices of policy formulation and deployment. The government should have initially published a paper…
16 Jul 2019
There are several ways to get away with murder in Nigeria, metaphorically and physically. You could, for example, be president, and choose to repeat the exact same recession-precipitating steps you took after you won your first election.
25 Jun 2019
Did you know that contrary to popular belief, an embassy or high commission is actually not sovereign foreign of the sending state, and also when you enter the premises of any Nigerian High Commission abroad, you are not standing on Nigerian soil.
11 Jun 2019
The season for the commemoration of all things democratic is firmly upon Nigeria. The Executive branch at federal and state levels began new terms...
28 May 2019
On the eve of President Buhari’s first inauguration in 2015, I was asked to contribute an article to an agenda-setting exercise of sorts.
14 May 2019
Very often when the word ‘impunity’ is used in Nigerian commentary, it seems the intention is for it to mean that something...
23 Apr 2019
Nollywood is growing in leaps and bounds. Third, only after Hollywood and Bollywood in terms of the number of movies released annually, new Nollywood boasts an increasing number of professionals who have graduated from the world’s leading film schools. The quality of its output is undoubtedly improving. But Nollywood has always had a lawyer problem.…
16 Apr 2019
Every year, for a month, students from the Nigerian Law School are assigned to courts for the “Court Attachment” segment of their vocational training. The idea is for them to see prospective senior colleagues deploying in practice all that they had been taught in classrooms....
26 Mar 2019
In a couple of weeks, elected officials across federal and state legislatures, governors and the president, take their oaths of office. They will swear fidelity to the Constitution and undertake to carry out their duties in the manner it prescribes...