Thursday, 30th November 2023

Articles by Rotimi Fawole

24 Jan 2017
However, trading in convertible currency, receiving and repatriating it are activities regulated by the Central Bank and not the NIPC. Enter, the FEP Act.
10 Jan 2017
Over the past 18-24 months, the different tiers of government have struggled to pay salaries. There are states where workers have not been paid for many months, including one in which the governor, their employer, showed solidarity....
28 Dec 2016
It is also confusing when members of the Senate highlight certain other bills as potentially having the power to completely revolutionise the economy –like the Petroleum Industry Bill and
13 Dec 2016
Following the national outrage that ensued, the NCC issued another statement suspending the implementation of the price floor. To everyone’s surprise, the MNO association kicked against the suspension.
22 Nov 2016
Why is the presumption of innocence so fundamental to fair hearing? Why, in a country with such a severe corruption problem as ours, can the provision not be suspended?
8 Nov 2016
Do educated leaders make a country prosperous or do prosperous countries have electoral systems in place that ensure that there is a de facto minimum educational requirement? Is there a correlation....
25 Oct 2016
Two events within the past few weeks have left me wondering whether or not one of the problems with governance and law enforcement in Nigeria is that we do not run the system ...
11 Oct 2016
The extent of that jostling, however, is wholly the fault of the British, who left a federal structure in which one region was larger than the other two combined and would always have its way and its say.
27 Sep 2016
One of the very best places to learn about the nature of Nigeria’s business environment is at a professional services firm when providing business establishment advice to a wide variety of comers.
13 Sep 2016
We have a fundamental problem with our legislative process in Nigeria. At the Federal & State levels, Bills can be quickly cobbled together and scale the various ...