Thursday, 28th September 2023

Articles by Tracy Batta

25 Mar 2019
Building a business that lasts beyond a business owner is the dream of most entrepreneurs, with the exception of those that have an exit plan.
24 Dec 2018
Innovation is power and it can help any business stay on top and ahead in its industry. Steve Jobs said ‘Innovation distinguishes...
26 Nov 2018
There is a popular saying that time is money. Time is your most valuable and scarce asset as an entrepreneur and you must spend it wisely. Time is the currency of productivity in every business. Personal and business time management as a small business owner will directly affect the input and output of your business.…
29 Oct 2018
Business Structuring works in all kinds of businesses and even in a small business. This is probably the most important step to take when it comes to business growth and expansion. Creating a structure that works is all about management of the scope of work and expectations. Structure in the business will give you as…
24 Sep 2018
How can one define quality in business? How can we set realistic and achievable quality standards? To whose standards and how can we keep up with these quality standards over time? Quality separates a business from its competitors. That extra attempt to serve an excellent product or service will put a business at the forefront…
27 Aug 2018
What sets the difference between many entrepreneurs is having the ability and skill set to strategize, plan and execute. These are core components of business programs around the globe. While most SME entrepreneurs may not have the stretch or financial capability to go for business programs....
23 Jul 2018
Every entrepreneur’s vision is to get to a point where their business venture can function effectively with or without their input. It is only that way the business can truly grow and expand.
2 Jul 2018
Determining product or service pricing can be very tricky especially in an unstable economy like Nigeria. It is a constant battle between trying to be profitable, competitive and affordable to customers
28 May 2018
Social media has become an imperative business tool for small businesses. Starting up a small business usually means limitation to working capital. As such, there would be none or very limited funds for a physical location, marketing and adverts, analytic tools and possibly an interactive website. All these can be coined by optimizing social media…
30 Apr 2018
Anyone can set up a business venture. What separates one from the other is the true value that they are offering. The essence of value in a business goes a long way in helping you grow and sustain your business.
5 Mar 2018
I recently came across two female entrepreneurs at a profile interview and we got into a conversation about taxes. I found it interesting that they were quick to say they were good with their taxes but didn’t have a clear understanding of Value Added Tax.....
5 Feb 2018
A Start-Up is simply a new business venture set in motion. According to Dave McClure of 500 Start-Ups; “a ‘Start-Up’ is a company that is confused about what its product is, who its customers are and how to make money.”