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Articles by Victor Asemota

21 Aug 2019
The famous American publisher Tim Oreilly recently wrote a bestselling book titled “WTF?: What’s the Future and Why It’s Up to Us “ He mentioned something quite profound, which he heard from the Chief Economist at Google.
7 Aug 2019
MTN, the largest Nigerian telco, recently announced that it had finally acquired its first financial services license.
Nigerian Army recruitment
17 Jul 2019
One of the greatest paradoxes in human existence is that armed conflict, which is, without doubt, the most destructive human activity ever, has also been one of the most significant catalysts for technological advancement and innovation. Previous world wars led to the development of advances like jet engines, radar, nuclear power, and others. While most of…
3 Jul 2019
We had a road accident on the day I returned to Togo from Nairobi in December 2016. A bike rider left the designated bike lane and decided to overtake us on the wrong side.
19 Jun 2019
My children attend a school with a curriculum that is vastly different from what I experienced in my early childhood education. There is more emphasis on experience and creativity than learning language, arithmetic, and religious or social studies. There is always a project to do, and inadvertently, we have to be involved in these projects…
5 Jun 2019
One of my pet peeves is seeing the stark differences in the narrative in the Western tech media about African innovation and innovation in other...
22 May 2019
When people ask me to explain Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to them, I tell them that it is a new way of harnessing the computational abilities of machines to learn about complex problems through intelligent analysis of data sets.
8 May 2019
In 2014 after a shaky attempt at a pivot back to products from services, we realized the importance of having a product manager with local experience to lead this effort. The problem was that they were scarce. I discovered that the technology training firm “General Assembly” (GA) had a crash course on product management and…
17 Apr 2019
At the time we started our company from building a technology platform for a farm while in school in Edo state, two other technology co-founders who were also graduate students at the other side of the world were tinkering with an idea in a friend’s garage at Menlo Park in California. That company became Google.…
3 Apr 2019
“Vires in Numeris” is a Latin term meaning strength in numbers. It is popularly used as the motto for the decentralized digital currency called Bitcoin.
20 Mar 2019
The Nigerian economic boom of the 70s and 80s fueled by the discovery of oil made Nigeria a choice destination for many including the most prominent global technology companies at that time. The Nigerian currency was stable, and of high value, the country became a lucrative destination for economic migrants. We had an influx of Indian or Ghanaian teachers and lecturers in public secondary schools and universities. Our government could afford to pay them, and they helped us build our skills base.
6 Mar 2019
According to the Nigerian Electoral commission, 51% of the registered voters in Nigeria are under the age of 35. This number is most likely going to increase given our high population growth rate. Recently, there was a drive for reducing the eligibility age of people intending to contest for public office via a campaign aptly dubbed "Not Too Young To Run." The campaign was mostly successful as a bill was passed by the National Assembly to address it.