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Articles by Yemisi Adegoke

21 Aug 2016
When I tell people I’m in Lagos for the long haul, the response is usually positive. They say things like: ‘You’ve come back home, well done’ or ‘Welcome home!’Usually followed by something along the lines....
15 Aug 2016
In Nigeria it’s probably easier to find someone who isn’t an entrepreneur than someone who is. Entrepreneurship is an integral part of the country’s fabric, with everyone from civil servants to corpers engaging in some sort of business. 
7 Aug 2016
Rather than his opponent Hillary Clinton or members of his party that have been reluctant to support their candidate, Trump’s challenger came in the shape of an eloquent and poised Muslim-American couple who had lost their son in the Iraq war.
20 Jul 2016
Last year’s edition of TechPlus, the brainchild of Connect Marketing Limited attracted approximately 6,500 participants, an impressive feat for a maiden outing.
11 Jul 2016
I’ve still got the Brexit Blues. I’m still in shock that what started as a tussle for power between two men ended in what has been described as the biggest constitutional crisis in a generation.
8 Jul 2016
Cloud has transformed the way companies do business all over the world. From offering companies more flexibility to drastically reducing the need for expensive hardware and software, it's plain to see why the use of cloud is rapidly growing worldwide.
2 Jul 2016
The entertainment industry has been lauded as one of the newest and most successful exports out of Nigeria, but when we talk of entertainment we are often referring to movies and music, but what about gaming? Could this be the next big thing to kickstart the lagging economy?
1 Jul 2016
The digital landscape is evolving rapidly and as a result so, is the way brands communicate and engage with their audience.
26 Jun 2016
Enter Lagos. Is there a more relationship obsessed place? It seems like everyone’s talking about relationships in one form or the other almost all the time.
19 Jun 2016
In the abroad things couldn’t have been more different. Whenever I met another Nigerian we’d instantly find something to bond over.
19 May 2016
A few days ago my sister asked me to advise a friend of hers who is planning to move back to Lagos from The Abroad.
15 May 2016
A beautiful young woman posing. A couple embracing and smiling at the camera. A beautiful young woman, posing.