Monday, 4th December 2023

Articles by Zainob Fashola

24 Aug 2019
It definitely wasn’t the sprawling fun that we’d hoped for. Doubtless, Casa del Papa resort is scenic and a great getaway spot for relaxation and meditation, however, there was a stick in the craw. Something filtered Instagram photos don’t cover.
13 Jul 2019
Ready, set? Summertime! It is now officially summertime and do you have any exotic summer plans? Or, did you have one and the visa gods decided to hinder your glory?
15 Jun 2019
Last week Monday started with an impromptu airline ticket purchase to Kaduna. A couple of friends wanted to experience the Durbar in Zaria, Kaduna and on the wake of the kidnapping and murder of tourists in Kajuru castle, I summoned courage to take the leap and finally experience something I have wanted to do for quite some time.
11 May 2019
What type of traveller are you when it comes to culinary experiences? There are some Nigerian travelers that are perfectly fine with stocking indomie..
27 Apr 2019
Ile-Ife, also known as Ife, is a city in Osun state with so much cultural lore and history that is still popular in today’s time.
16 Mar 2019
The travel theme for the month of March is adventure and up North of New York offers some family friendly adventures.
16 Feb 2019
For the next five months, I will be sharing travel stories and tips to hopefully inspire you to take a leap and explore some beautiful places around the world. The first travel theme, inspired by the month of February, is romance. For the honeymooners, lovers, or even a girl’s trip or bro-cation travelers, Greece should…
29 Dec 2018
I woke up to the sound of the flight attendant telling the passengers to buckle and exercise some patience while the plane landed in Windhoek. I was flying business class with Air Namibia and the minute I buckled into my seat at 11:35 pm, I slept off. Plans to fully enjoy the in-flight travel experience…
1 Dec 2018
“I missed home and I wanted to learn about the culture that I’d been so detached from for over 13 years. I wanted to understand the Nigerian food in different parts of the country”.
20 Oct 2018
I was on a group tour by Break The Media up north of New York to the Adirondacks region.
22 Sep 2018
I bet you, 99.9 per cent of Nigerians are unaware of other cities and towns beyond New York City. When you think of New York, you most likely think of Manhattan...
1 Sep 2018
Picture this, you are walking down the white sands of Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi beach with your loved one, say, it is a romantic holiday.