Daystar hosts Christmas concert, tasks Nigerians on gratitude

Daystar Christian Centre has charged Nigerians to show appreciation to God to attract His unlimited blessings.
The Lead Pastor, Sam Adeyemi, who gave the advice, yesterday, at the church’s Christmas concert with the theme, “The Comforter,” urged Nigerians never to relent as the Saviour, who is the Comforter, is always around.

He said: “There are inflations, war in Ukraine, insecurity in Nigeria, and protest erupting everywhere around the world and experts have told us there would be a lot of protests in the coming years. Things are so rough in the world. So, this is a good time to remember that we are not alone in this world as we have Jesus Christ, Who is our comforter and provider.”

Adeyemi, who cited several miracles recorded in the scripture, said the disciples never lacked as Jesus Christ was around and He performed many miracles.

Meanwhile, the Music Director of the church, Dr. Sheyi Khenny, who directed the award-winning choir and orchestra of the church, Healing Streams Of God (HSOG), said the concept of the songs for the Carol came out into sleepless nights, as creative input was done to have a global impact.
Khenny said: “We have quickly forgotten what we went through during COVID-19 era. A lot of killings have been happening. The inspiration I got was that it is time to celebrate the person that has been comforting us. A lot have lost their loved ones, it is only the comforter that comforts us and makes us to go on with the joy of the Lord and it’s time to celebrate the comforter on a day like this. That’s why the theme is the ‘Comforter.’”

Also, Head of Music Part Leaders of the church, Tayo Adetunji, noted that the theme came from the fact that the world is actually emerging from a devastating situation, which is the COVID-19.

“We thought that after COVID-19, everything will go back to normal but the aftermath is economic downturn, emotional psychological trauma and so on. We are always reminded that we have a Comforter and that He has come into the world, and it is a privilege to know that we actually have him with us. Even when we go through the hazel, it won’t hurt us. So, with that confidence, we can actually face challenges,” he said.

The Tenor Part Leader, Kayode Olatunji, said the theme was based on what had been happening all over the world and the challenges people face, urging everyone not to give up.

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