Does long distance relationship last?

Long distance relationship/love
I have been married for 12 years. A few months ago, I left my wife because we fought all the time. I was tired of the situation. Two or three weeks later, I realised I made a serious mistake by leaving, and not trying to talk things over with her. The morning I left, she asked me if we could talk when she got home from work. I told her “No”. When she left for work, I moved out of our home. I regret this tremendously
The reason I post this is: We started talking again after four weeks of separation. I thought we were headed in a right direction. A couple of days later, she met a guy online. Then, she stopped talking to me. She told me she didn’t have feelings for me anymore. Hard to believe, after 12 years. Anyway, I know this guy is a rebound for her, because she said I hurt her very deeply by leaving. This new guy lives an hour away and only comes to visit her on weekends and spend the night with her.

My question is: Does long distance relationship last? I know deep down in her she still has feelings for me after 12 years. Should I just let this period run its course, and be there for her when it falls apart? I’m at my wits end. I still love her. Even more now, than ever!

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LOVE STORY: I Thought He Would Be Contented With Me…

The man I regarded as the perfect man has betrayed me after dating him for the past six years. Before now, we were perfect, he treated me like gold, and he took care of me and provided most of the things I really needed, even though I know human wants are insatiable.

But the major problem in our relationship was that he never initiated sex. Most of the time I had to make the move, even if it was kind of boring, when we do it I tried to spice it up. I still enjoyed it because I really loved him. I thought he loved me too.
For two years, I tried to live with it because he made me believe each time I talked to him about it, that he was really busy since he got a new job and that he had a target he had to meet up with. I understood and vowed to help him achieve whatever he wanted, but to my utter dismay, I discovered he had impregnated a 19-year-old girl. I was cleaning up one morning when I discovered a new a phone and a SIM card. I was very curious so I inserted the SIM card into the phone. Immediately I switched on the phone, several text messages came in the first message. I read “I will not get rid of the pregnancy, you promised me you will love me forever. It is against my tradition…” And before I could say jack, the phone rang. I picked and it was the same number that sent the text message and a lady’s voice. When she heard my voice, she warned me to steer clear of her man. I could not say anything but just imagined a voice in her early 20s. When he got back from work that day, I confronted him and he tried to deny it not until I showed him the phone. The look on his face showed that he never believed I would find out , he begged me to forgive him that he did not know what came over him. That he was going to take care of the situation. I tried to forgive and live with it, not until I also discovered there was another lady he was seeing, which seemed to be his colleague, and there were so many more things he did that I cannot mention here.

I think I have to make a decision, because even though I love him so much that I can just let him go, I have to quit because I cannot trust any more. There is no true love without trust. I am 27 years old, still very much good-looking without exaggeration. I thought he would be contented with me. But he has shown me that no matter what you do for a man, he cannot be faithful to one woman.

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