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‘Application of right technology will curb pipeline vandalism’


Israel Ibuje.

Israel Ibuje.

Israel Ibuje is the Managing Director of Mitega International Limited, an integrated security development company in Nigeria, with specialty in security oil and gas pipeline. In this interview with Roseline Okere, he believed that the application of the right technology would assist the country in fighting the issue of pipeline vandalism. Excerpts.

Tell us about Mitega Security and its services in the country?
Established in 2005, Mitega International Limited is one of Africa leading integrated security development company with a significant pedigree, we support security initiative by leveraging on our deep domain and analytical expertise to rapidly develop and transition technologies and systems into operational solution, we are a Security Technology development company.

In what areas can the company be able to contribute to finding solution to the issues of insecurity in the country, most especially, the challenges of pipeline vandalism?
Our company will be able to contribute a lot if given opportunity by conducting A Risk Assessment -strategic threat and risk assessment of pipeline infrastructure in accordance with ISO—DIS31000,2009, this will help us to recommend our Marine security detection & classification Technology solution this is an automated device operated remotely, our security Risk analysis is in line with best practice worldwide

Pipeline vandals have recently focused attention on destroying gas pipelines and this has reduced product supply to power plant.  How do will solve this problem?
This problem is very easy to resolve the government should set up a security Technology body to permanently stop this trend by conducting a full Threat and security risk of all gas and Oil pipeline within eight weeks  according to international standard organization and submit the report which will recommend a Technology device for every gas  line and environment and this technologies  are integrated to work together remotely.

The president said recently that it was going to tackle the issue of insecurity in the country with technology.  What type of technology would you recommend to the government?

Our recommendation for the government, is that before  considering to deploy of technology, it should Constitute a Security Technology development body to identify threat, security risk area of the gas/oil pipeline  with accredited international company including us to be able to achieve the best result .

What do you think the country is not doing right to tackle the issue of insecurity in the country?
In my Opinion the government is having people with too many personal , or ethnic interest ahead of national consideration this is what is militating against the fight against insecurity, and i hope we will get this area right and then the government will begin to get better result in the fight against insurgence and pipeline vandalism..

PHCN cables and transformers are also being vandalised. What is the way out of this situation?
The way forward for PHCN or the  to also to conduct a Risk assessment of infrastructure and then to install intrusion technology to protect device.

Do you see an end to the current plummeting prices of crude oil and what do you think Nigeria should do to reduce its effect on the economy?
Yes, I see an end to this current plummeting prices of crude oil but to reduce the effect we must cut dowm all cost of purchasing and supply at all level and be honest to ourselves. And let us deploy Security Technology solution for Marine protection for Oil theft because we are loosing more to both theft and vandalism on a monthly ratio.

Some people have suggested that the country should focus attention on diversifying the economy.  Which sector do you think the government?
There is urgent  need to diversify, yes ,very important I suggest we revive the Rubber trade and industries it use to be a big source of  revenue in our early days as a country, and many other area that the government deem necessary to consider to reduce our complete reliance on the oil as a major revenue source for  the economy

What plans do you have for Mitega International in the next five years and how do you intend to achieve plan?
Our plan in the next 5years is to create awareness to enable all pipeline contract to include a security technology inbuilt and to create a market digit  irrespective of our affiliation,and hope to be given equal opportunity  since we possess this same product world wide.

What are your current challenges and what role do you think the government can play to ameliorate these challenges?
Our challenge is that government must compare relevant authority to include  Pipeline  security technology in all new pipeline works and such technology must have been recommended by international practice,government should not only use our idea but make us part of  Security Technology development body  for Oil theft because we have the technology for the next generation to address all theft and vandalism.

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