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Four social and economic benefits of online gaming


Casino Online Gaming PHOTO:Getty Images

The world is going through a big crisis at the moment with the Coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc everywhere. So many land-based casinos are closed and those that are opened are forced to follow strict rules and guidelines. In such challenging times, the online casino seems to be the best option for all the fans of slot machines and Poker, etc.

1- Job creation
Casinos make billions in revenue every year, but that amount does not go in the owner’s pockets only. A significant portion of that money is paid in taxes to the governments plus these casinos employ a large number of people for effectively running their businesses. Take the example of Macau city where these gambling companies are the biggest employers. If it were not for these companies, then a lot of people would have been unemployed.

Likewise, these casino businesses are a source of job creation in London city. Local sports teams find it very hard to survive, but bookmakers help them by offering sponsorship deals. Las Vegas began as a small railway station but look at the vast impact of big casinos on The Gambling Capital of the World.


2- Tax Revenues
Governments are receiving a huge amount of money in taxes from casinos. This is the reason that they are increasingly licensing these businesses. It is said that the gambling companies are giving over $40 billion to the federal government in the US alone, with $6 billion being contributed by Las Vegas.

The local government of Macau whose gambling industry is seven times larger than Vegas is said to collect over $13 billion from the gambling companies that are operating in the city while Britain is another place where governments collect great tax revenues from these businesses.

3- Source of entertainment
It is always a great feeling when you win your Poker or Blackjack game, but you can’t always expect to win. Having said that, you are sure to enjoy and get entertained for hours most of the time. You will find the whole experience worth your money and time.

Most casinos provide you with a very pleasant and enjoyable environment. They give you a lot of options and variety with an average casino offering at least 100 slot machines. And these games would be themed after many types of things. Like you could find a sports-themed machine or a Thor inspired slot. If you are a fan of Top Gun or Jurassic Park, then you can also find respective slots in casinos.

And nowadays, thanks to the internet, you don’t even need to go anywhere to play casino games. All you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone and you can play all the best online games from the comfort and convenience of your home.

4- Tourism
Big casinos pay prodigious sums of money in tax revenues every year to the respective governments. The only reason they can pay so much money is that they make loads of money themselves. And that would not have been possible without people visiting these establishments from all over the world.

Can you imagine Las Vegas as a major tourist attraction without all the big casinos and hotels? Would Macau have been as developed and advanced without all the big gambling companies? The answer is no. The tourism revenue of these two cities owes a great deal to casinos.


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