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Igbo group lauds Ambode’s victory, pledges support


Igbo Groupa group, the Mass Movement for National Change, has lauded the victory of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, the All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate at the April 11 governorship poll. An executive member of the group, Chief Christian Chukwu, in a chat with The Guardian said the victory of APC both at the federal and state level is a divine victory from God.

He, therefore, charged Igbo and non-indigenes in the state to support and co-operate with the party at all tiers of government, while governments on its part should keep their mandates as promised. He further appealed to all Lagosians to pay their taxes regularly for rapid development and transformation of Lagos.

Speaking in the same vein, founder and national coordinator of the group, Mr. Uche Iheakanwa, urged the Igbo community in the state to be peace, law-abiding and support the government of day, by remaining enterprising and resourceful to their host communities.

He recalled that the Igbo citizens and other ethnic groups in Lagos have always enjoyed peaceful co-existence while making positive impact on the economy of the state through their high sense of hard work and industry, a trait the Igbo race is noted and respected for.

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  • Proud Yoruba

    Dirty ibo parasites, always thieving and scheming. Go back to your villages, no more free lunch.

    • Mazi JO

      You are the type that tarnish the great minds of the Yorubas. A pendantic of that old view that distorts the Yoruba contributions in building this Nation. The obstreperous hermit that in Robinson-Crusoeist mentality makes all attempts at National interaction, dispense insipid tastes. You must grow up ‘Proud Yoruba.’ The Country is leaving you behind. What do you say to South Africans who are yearning for pre-Mandela conditions by asking those who helped them extricate from the clutches of Apartheid to leave their Country? If you have nothing to say, do not languish in this media outlet. I think the Igbos should pay no attention to your type for it seems you are paid for mischief-making. Since you are self-content, find a private medium to disseminate these incipient provocations.

      • Jide Oguntuashe

        Mazi Jo, I praise your effort. I doubt if the likes of “Proud Yoruba” can be saved though. They seem to be destined for eternal damnation. Not sure that their soul can be saved. But thanks for trying.

        • Mazi JO

          Jide, we will work harder to salvage them both sides of the aisle. I believe God/Allah have some good designations in them. We can only pray not damn them. Vengeance is Devine. They’ll one day account for their hateful contributions. The way to go is for people like you, myself and the good Nigerians to plug our hearings from the anarchists like him. I cannot mention his name alongside a tribe I respect going forward.

  • Mazi JO

    That’s what exactly is expected of the Igbo in that regard. The gubernatorial election of the State is come and gone in the series. Their candidate lost. They have to take matters in strides and work with the victors. That’s the dictates of Democracy. That’s what Nigeria stands for. The Igbo’s should be no exception.

    • Proud Yoruba

      work with? Who are they working with? We don’t need you ibo parasites, work to do what? Lie, cheat and steal? Why not go and work in your own land? You are not relevant in our land!