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Manilla P2P Exchange & Service Suite almost set for launch

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02 August 2022   |   11:29 am
In medieval times, what every pirate’s desire was a purse full of gold & coins that they would dangle around his/her waist while walking through the streets of ancient day Babylon. Today, what every trader want is to walk around Wall Street in New York, with his wallets filled with valuable coins/tokens. As a trick…


In medieval times, what every pirate’s desire was a purse full of gold & coins that they would dangle around his/her waist while walking through the streets of ancient day Babylon. Today, what every trader want is to walk around Wall Street in New York, with his wallets filled with valuable coins/tokens. As a trick question, would these two instances give the same satisfactory feeling?

The former was cool, the later feels good since it’s relative to modern day technology but with the blockchain technology becoming mainstream, having an exchange that would seamlessly ease all transactions by enabling quick token swap for fiat in nanoseconds, staking pools with high yields, mobile top ups, airbus payments, payments of utility bills, bookings for shows, events and an NFT marketplace as part of its nested activities just to mention a few would be just great.

Although a lot of people see cryptocurrencies as speculative investment vehicle, it is important to remember that the primary purpose of cryptocurrencies is their use case as a medium of exchange. While many love the idea of capital gain that comes with the appreciation of a token, the real use case is using your cryptocurrencies to do everyday transactions. By doing this, it would mean cryptocurrencies are more mainstream and Manilla strives to be the platform that pioneers this innovation. 

With the aforementioned use cases, the manilla powerhouse comes to mind. As a show of grandstanding, the Manilla exchange plans to introduce itself by rendering swift services in 44 countries around the globe, a feat not many exchanges could hope to achieve.

Why the Manilla Service Suite is Important

The Manilla Service Suite is an innovative structure tailored to meet the burgeoning needs of the average person. Embedded herein are services of day-to-day importance and (almost) necessities that will cut out the long lineup and headache of having to use multiple applications or services to tend to one’s daily needs. Disrupting classical approaches to financial transactions, Manilla Service Suite will allow for these services to be delivered using cryptocurrencies.

Whilst saving up in stable cryptos, an individual is able to hedge against inflation and also earn from staking. Combining the power of ease and freedom in one place is unimaginable as the potential cannot be quantified. On top of solving problems and ensuring an easy-going schedule, users are incentivized just for being users! This is no generic incentive that requires you to fulfill a scroll-full of conditions and milestones. You enjoy being a part of the family just by using the services embedded and at the end of a financial cycle you take home a chunk of free cake.

Services offered in the Manilla Service Suite include;

Ticketing & Booking

Today, we are seeing a race to integrate seamless operation in literally every business we have and ticketing and booking is no different. With the Manilla Service suite, purchasing and securing tickets for travel or for accommodation has never been easier. The Manilla Ticketing service offers a range of air travel merchants and hotels for users to use on-the-go. You never have to worry about inconsistencies with your travel plans anymore as the bulk of the work behind the scenes has been taken care of.

Airtime and Data Purchase

Manilla Service Suite offers its users the flexibility to purchase Airtime and Data with crypto and also ensure you enjoy the best servicing available in the market. By supporting over 1000 network service providers, best believe the future came to your doorstep earlier than you anticipated!

Utility Bills Payment

Similar to the purchase of airtime and mobile data, Manilla supports hundreds of merchants through whom the payment of utility bills is made seamless. At launch, users in Kenya and Nigeria will be able to pay their electricity  bills using cryptocurrency. This niche does not exist in Africa today.

Card Services

Manilla Exchange features a debit card with which users can either have a virtual or physical type to spend their crypto effortlessly. Compatible with Point-of-Sale machines and ATMs, the Manilla card features VISA and MASTERCARD options.

High APR Staking

The reward mechanism in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem is second to none! Users on various platforms are able to hold and stake a particular token to earn passively as an incentive for holding the token on their portfolio. On Manilla however, users will earn crypto by staking stable coins and the MNLA token, and still share 30% of profits made by Manilla Exchange over any fiscal year.

Token Swaps

The flexibility attached with being able to swap one token for another on Manilla is another key feature it boasts. From its list of supported tokens, users are able to buy, swap, and sell tokens within the app and also transfer tokens out to external wallets.

Crypto Loan

Manilla offers collateralized loans at very affordable interest rates. This enables a user to worry less about having to sell off their assets at a loss in order to access funds.

Gift Cards

Buy gift cards from your favorite merchant on the market. With Manilla’s approach, you never have to worry about hoarding cash with you all the time when you go shopping at your favorite store, boutique, filling station, park, and even restaurants!

The Manilla development team is currently working round the clock to ensure that its platform is flawless before launch. The team is currently testing the application rigorously in readiness for launch in 44 countries. In the meantime, crypto traders and enthusiasts can join its growing community on Twitter and Telegram as they wait to explore endless possibilities and payments made easy with crypto.

Manilla is Here to Stay

According to the manilla roadmaps, as at this quarter all achievable milestones are set to be reached. This would not have been possible without a trustworthy and committed team working tirelessly. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and blockchain technology is the new world order, the manilla service suite is also here to provide necessary solutions to needs in the fintech space. Ever thought about having all your financial engagements settled in one exchange/app? Think Manilla, think possibilities…

About Manilla Exchange

Established in 2021, The Manilla Exchange is a product of Manilla technologies, a software driven company, developed to solve the major challenges Blockchain adopters and users face in order to access cryptocurrencies.

A major product is its P2P exchange, an exchange method that allows traders to trade directly with one another without the need for a centralized third party to facilitate the transactions. This means crypto fiat traders exchange their assets with another crypto holder or fiat holder. Traders have the flexibility to use other barter instruments for the exchange other than fiat. The platform aims to solve the challenges faced in accessing crypto from exchanges as most exchanges may not allow for direct funding with fiat. Whereas the Service Suite was developed to give a progressive use-case to crypto assets.

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