Former Ganduje’s aide Yakasai who was sacked for criticising Buhari dumps APC



Former media aide to Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, Salihu Tanko Yakasai has dumped the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).
Yakasai in a statement noted that he ceased to be a member of the party from 21 March, 2022. He joined the APC in February 2013.

“I have therefore reached a point in my life where I have decided to embark on a new political journey to ensure that I stick to my beliefs and principles. It is in this light that, after due consultation with my political mentors, constituents, friends and family, I resolved to exit the APC,” Yakasai said.

He was suspended twice by the Kano State Government for consistently criticising the Muhammadu Buhari led government before his sacking in February 2021.

Yakasai said the Nigerian government and the APC has failed to fulfil its promises to Nigerians.

“I stuck out my neck, risked my life, gave my word and trust, and extended my belief in a party that we all thought in 2015 will usher in the leadership that will answer the cry of millions of Nigerians for good government, social stability, and material prosperity, Yakasai said.

“By 2019 we reelected the APC again to manage the affairs of the country with the hope that its first term of four years was not enough to clear the mess it inherited from the defeated PDP administration.
“Regretfully, the trust and confidence we reposed in the APC (the government as well as the party) on two occasions (first and second terms) was betrayed. If anything, things became worse in the second term. The benefit of the doubt we gave the party in the first term vanished as we moved deeper into the second term.”

Yakasai said APC members and government officials ‘delusional’ as they ‘perceive themselves as performing excellently’ contrary to the reality in Nigeria.

For the ordinary citizens, Yakasi said, there is “no food, no portable water, no stable power supply, no jobs for the youth, no regular salary for public servants, no pensions and gratuity paid, no respect for government agreement with university teachers, no control over inflation, no security of life and property, no defeat of the stubborn insurgency in the north-east, with petroleum theft in the south-south becoming an existential threat to the entire nation.”

He said he made ‘several attempts to highlight some of these failures from the inside, but unfortunately amends were not made, and those in power were averse to my corrective steps.”

“Consequently, l was suspended from office in October 2020, arrested and sacked from my position in the Kano State Government in February 2021,” Yakasai said.
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