Givers Supportive Foundation puts smiles on faces of hopeless Nigerians

We live in a world increasingly made difficult by so many human factors. It was originally designed to be worth living for everyone by God, but it began to drift apart when people stopped caring for one another.
Conflicts, wars, and other major issues threatening unity and peace in the world today are products of inequality. The imbalance in the distribution of resources has left nothing other than poverty, sorrow, pain, misery, dejection, and depression in its wake.

The underlisted consequences are highly pronounced in Nigeria, where the government has failed severely in its responsibilities. And where people desire hope, they receive more rejection and stereotypes. But healing has come through the Givers Supportive Foundation (GSF), a non-governmental organisation established by renowned philanthropist Ologbenla Babatunde Smith.

Since its inception, Givers Supportive Foundation, also known as GSF Foundation, has been a source of respite to the harrowing hardship experienced by citizens. The compassion Smith gives to those who have been forgotten and hurt by those who should shelter them is out of this world.

Givers Supportive Foundation, based in Offa, Kwara State, clearly stated in its mission statement that it exists solely to support Nigerians living below the average standard of living.

“GSF Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that has seen how much the people living below average in the country (Nigeria) are suffering, diagnosed with sicknesses and diseases that they can’t afford to take care of by themselves, which often leads to their death, both male and female, young and old, (How do you tell a person that can’t afford a three-square-meal for his family to afford a huge amount of money to take care of an eye problem affecting or disturbing his child?).
“We see these people every day, either in a family very close to us, a friend to a friend of us, or by the road side, in pain and in agony, seeking and begging for help, whereby we just ignore or walk past, leaving them to suffer in pain and agony till death claims their souls. Givers Supportive Foundation (GSF) has seen a need to arise and call the attention of the entire nation to order, so as to help these people, even if no one is doing anything about it.

“Givers Supportive Foundation) is laid down to support the masses and every individual, most especially the sick people, but focuses on young children and average adult with congenital problems”, it wrote on its website.

Givers Supportive Foundation regularly visits poor communities in its outreaches, distributing food items to the hungry, cash to petty traders and helping the sick get medical attention.

The foundation’s office at Adedokun Plaza, Idi-Ogun, Olofa Way, daily receives citizens who need help. Earlier this month, GSF brought relief to an aged woman who recently suffered injuries to her chest and leg after an accident.

Also, a diabetes patient who was critically in need of money for tests and drugs, got the financial assistance she desired, with a promise to do more for her.

“Mama had an accident and was badly injured on her leg and chest. I was touched when mama said ‘I have no money to take care of my leg and I decided to come again if I will be helped’. And thank God we were able to help mama. Mama burst into tears of joy as she never expected such help to come,” Smith disclosed on Giver’s Supportive Foundation’s social media handle.

The Givers Supportive Foundation founder added: “This woman has been coming to my office for a very long time. She is suffering from diabetes. She was given some tests to undergo and drugs to undergo, but she couldn’t afford any of them. But today, we thank God, I was able to support her with the necessary bill, and I promise to support her more.”
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