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Interior design. Photo unsplash
Interior Decor. Photo Essential Home

I daresay that you are fascinated with the interior decorations you see on Instagram, have photos of some nicely decorated homes saved on your phone or an app that teaches you how to design your home. If you fall into any of these categories, this is a safe space to admit that this guilty pleasure can easily send you off to fantasy land.

If you are worried about how to achieve your dream home decor without necessarily breaking the bank, we have you covered.

Paint your apartment yourself: It’s fun to do this, I promise. Coupled with your favourite thing to do, such as music or having your loved ones with you, it is a time to share moments. Besides, you can organise a mini-competition for who paints better. Before you know it, you would have brought life to your home with pops of colours.

Get a carpenter to do your woodwork: Everyone wants to have a fancy place they can put their scented candles, flowers and whatnot. If you want quality wood but at the finest rates, find out if your carpenter can get you wood from the local wood market and design it according to your taste. Do not forget your desk, chair, mirror and a headboard to go with your bed.

Thrift stores: Thrift stores are gold mines having everything from fairly used designer items to new items. It also does not mean they are fake, it means that they are original things people have used. There are markets in every state where thrift items are sold. Find out where they sell the sections where each item you want to have is and visit. Don’t forget to haggle the prices because there is enough room for that. If you are not comfortable entering the market yourself, check the thrift stores online. There is an abundance of those. 

Make your scented candle: Make scented candles by yourself by using 1 lb. of soy wax, your saucepan, your favourite essential oils and a jar. You never know how creative you are until you try your hands on something new.

Artworks and Pictures: Can you draw or…wait! did the thought of drawing scare you? There are several ways you can have something creative in your space. You can explore the option of YouTube; it is a vast resource learning centre, or you can buy from the roadside vendors or better still, take pictures of fun places, or of yourself. Voila! You have a piece of artwork you can use in your home.

Cosy lightning: Did you know you can make a modern indoor plant to add a different feel. To Netflix and chill, especially if you are scared of the dark, buy a coloured light bulb to bring out a different light colour to give you a cool ambience.

Detachable wardrobe: This is the option everyone runs to if they cannot afford the wooden wardrobe. They are stylish and easy to carry if you are moving into a new home. You can have two if you have a lot of clothes.

Shower curtain: To give your bathroom a new feel, get a shower curtain. You can collect shells at the beach and use them to decorate your curtain.

The best way to decorate your home is to do one room at a time to avoid being overwhelmed by the expenses and most of these can be got at thrift stores.

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