How To Spot Quiet Quitting In Relationships

Relationship breakup
Relationship breakup | Zikoko
By Oreoritse Tariemi
Relationship breakup
Relationship breakup | Zikoko

Having someone to do life with definitely slaps, but is your partner only physically present while their heart and mind is long gone?


Is your partner just waiting for a valid reason to break up with you?

Here’s your one-stop guide to spotting quiet quitting in relationships early. 

What is Quiet Quitting?

Quiet quitting is the new buzz word for Emotional or Romantic Disengagement. 

It started out as a typical workplace behavior: do what’s necessary, nothing less, nothing more. In a romantic relationship, this pans out as always giving the barest minimum. 

Quiet quitting sometimes looks like complacency;you think your partner feels safe and somewhat stable, and your relationship hardly has any ups or downs. Meanwhile they’re mentally done with the relationship, but can’t bring themselves to tell you. 

How do I spot it?

How do you differentiate quiet quitting from a plateau in your relationship? These tips will tell you when to call for a red table talk. 

They hardly ask questions, and they don’t give answers either 

Basically, they’re not interested in sharing any details of their day. They may go ahead and answer because they think you have a right to know, but left to them, it’s none of your business. 

No physical touch

Every relationship has its downtimes and communication may not be as good as before, but if you can’t remember your partner’s touch, it’s time to pound the alarm. 

They’re spending less and less time around you 

These days you have to go the extra mile to see them, and they don’t seem to mind when something steals your “us-time”. 

They seem far away even when they’re near

There are a number of reasons why your partner seems inattentive. You can go ahead and ask if they have a lot on their mind, and if they want to share with you. As we’ve established, quiet quitters don’t like to divulge information. 

If you feel your partner slipping away, you can try to talk to them. Sometimes, there’s an underlying reason for quiet quitting. 

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