I will always be an entrepreneur regardless of where I find myself – Anie Ifeoma Amalonye

Anie Ifeoma Amalonye is the CEO of Ify Autos.
Anie ifeoma Amalonye is the CEO of Ify Autos

Anie Ifeoma Amalonye, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ify Autos, is running one of the thriving and enviable international businesses, but not without learning the ropes for years.
The Ify Autos founder is a meticulous female entrepreneur with a heart of a lion. Her incursion into the business of importing cars into Nigeria and supplying them to her clients in Canada, where she is based with her family, began three years ago.

With the core values and objectives of Ify Autos, there is no doubt that in a few years, Anie Amalonye will be among the most powerful women in the automobile sector globally. However, the journey of the entrepreneur at Ify Autos has been long and dark, like most of every start-up.

The Ify Autos founder grew up in a family where her mother demonstrated the value in creating opportunities  despite being a civil servant. The Ify Autos boss took that spirit to Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma, Edo State, and also later bagged her masters inner International Relationals and Diplomacy at the same institution, where she engaged in trading as an undergraduate.
“My mother, as a civil servant,vwas very industrious and I was very helpful as a child in the series of business ventures she embarked on at that time and that didn’t stop because even in my university days, I combined study with business as an undergraduate and didn’t depend heavily hon my parents. I love entrepreneurship. I will always be an entrepreneur regardless of where I find myself in society”, the Ify Autos CEO said in an interview.

Speaking further on how she began, Anie Amalonye hinted that it was not always smooth at the onset, however, she developed a tough skin and never gave up.

“Failure is normal. Never take anything personally. Celebrate every success no matter how small. Develop anti fragility and Maximize passion”, she stated.
On her vision for the company, the Ify Autos CEO noted that, “Ify Autos will outlive every individual. It has come to stay even when I am no more ify Autos will still exist just like Mercedes, adding that the vision is “to get Ify Autos to the stage of manufacturing automobiles in Nigeria for Nigerians and West Africa at large.”

Aside being a sharp-witted entrepreneur, the Ify Autos founder is also a philanthropist. She has been a beacon of hope to widows, orphans and the less privileged, and she hopes to scale up her hands of fellowship to the needy.

“I have always been actively involved in supporting widows,orphans ,less privileged in the society even before the inception of ifyautos and I have continued in that light and hope to Increase the quota as ifyautos expands because I believe is my social responsibility in giving back to the society,” the hard working Ify Autos owner stated.
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