Idatto Uzairue indigenes opposes coronations of Jibril as monarch

Indigenes of Idatto Uzairue community in Benin City, Edo State have opposed the coronation of Mallam Jibril Oshonebo as monarch to succeed Mallam Mamudu Imonoste Jibril who died in June 2022.

The Uzairue clan is made up of Ikpe(Jattu) Afashio, Idatto, Ikabigbo, Ugbenor, Irekpai, Ayogwiri, Apana, Afowa, Iyora, Imeke, Iyamoh, Elele, Ogbido, Ikholo, Uluoke, Iyuku, Ayua and Ayaoghena. Uzairue’s brothers were Ekperi, Aviahwu, Weppa-wano, Owan Iseyue and Ibie.

Uzairue kingdom is located in the heart of Edo North, on a plateau in Edo state with a population of about two hundred thousand people.

Chief Imode, who is the head of Council of Chiefs in Idatto Uzairue community, described the passing of the late king as a monument loss to Idatto Uzairue community.

Imode stated that King Mallam Mamudu Imonoste Jibril was a peace lover, noting that he will be greatly missed.

He, however, stated that tradition must be observed to the latter in choosing the new king.

According to him, whether Mallam Jibril Adamu Oshonebo will be crown the next king of Idatto Uzairue community largely depends on the outcome of the investigation that will be carried out to confirm whether or not he has a non Muslim in his family.

He explained that after the investigation is successfully carried out and the incoming king passes the test, Idatto Uzairue people should be rest assured that the Council of Chiefs will not compromise her tradition for whatever reason he said.

Idato promised that dignitaries from far and near, even from the Presidency, top security personnels, first class kings from within and outside the country will be in attendance for the coronation of the new monarch.


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