Imumolen wins more converts after New Year’s Day message to Nigerians

Christopher Imumolen delivers his New Year's Day speech.
Christopher Imumolen delivers his New Year’s Day speech. PHOTO: YouTube.

Not a few Nigerians were impressed when Accord presidential candidate, Professor Christopher Imumolen unveiled his election master plan in a live broadcast to the nation on New Year’s Day.
The country’s youngest presidential candidate chose the most auspicious moment to rouse a nation in the mood of festivities to the crucial nature of his quest for the presidency as he outlined his plans to take Nigeria out of her present condition and redirect her to the path of sustainable growth and development.

In a moving speech which lasted half an hour, the academic touched on critical areas of the country’s economy that needed to be revamped in order to achieve the rapid development he envisaged if he gets elected as Nigeria’s president this year.

He lamented the abysmal depths the fortunes of the country, once seen as the pride of the black race, had sunk in virtually every area of the economic development index and vowed to effect a sharp turnaround in this dismal state of affairs in the shortest possible time if he gets the people’s mandate to become president.

“My party, Accord and I are driven by the passion to change the narrative of inept leadership that has stunted our growth as a country for decades,” Professor Imumolen told the nation in a gathering of party bigwigs, the media, renowned entrepreneurs and invited guests.

“We believe in the Nigerian project and are supremely committed to the vision of seeing the country and it’s people grow out of penury, darkness and joblessness by offering quality leadership that will restore confidence and hope in them,” he added.

The social media would quickly come abuzz as positive comments from a wide spectrum of netizens who watched the broadcast filled the air.

“Who be this guy, sef?”, a certain Testimony Asegunmute, obviously impressed by Professor Imumolen’s delivery had asked in pidgin English as thousands of comments flowed through social media.

“The Accord presidential candidate is answering questions intelligently,” said another watcher named Rawlings Lawani as he responded to how expertly Professor Imumolen answered questions from the media during the interactive session afterwards.

Political watchers have been quick to label Professor Imumolen’s New Year’s Day broadcast as a masterstroke considering how much it has resonated with the voting public who had until then had their choices restricted to just a few out of the 18 aspirants vying for the position of Nigeria’s president 53 days hence.

“I consider Professor Imumolen’s New Year’s Day broadcast to Nigerians as one of the smartest move a politician, especially one campaigning to be Nigeria’s president, could have made on a day of festivities and one which symbolises newness, rebirth,” a popular public affairs analyst who craves anonymity said.

“Apart from being novel, Professor Imumolen did a lot to open the eyes of Nigerians to other options to choose from during this year’s presidential elections.

“And, contrary to widespread belief, Nigerians now know that they have a truly young, energetic, highly educated and passionate candidate like Professor Imumolen to vote for as an alternative if they so choose.

“I have no doubt that the young Professor has been able to adequately and successfully sell his candidacy to a new set of Nigerians who have now had the opportunity to see his quality and what he can do if allowed to become president,” he added.

Professor Imumolen also passed in flying colours in the area of offering practical solutions to the country’s myriad of challenges after he was tested by a barrage of questions from journalists shortly after his speech.

He was as adept in answering posers on how he intended to win over the younger segment of society which he largely represents, tackle insecurity, solve the problem of suffocating poverty in the land, forming an all-inclusive government, support SMEs who are the backbone of the economy, women empowerment, etc, as he was in listing them earlier in his speech.

With the New Year’s Day broadcast, Professor Imumolen not only achieved the objective of waking the country up to the reality of the moment, but succeeded in throwing the first salvo and raising the stakes in a presidential contest that promises to be a watershed in the country’s chequered history, come this February.
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