It’s Hindi Music’s Turn: Music Director Janapriyan Levine Creates Heartwarming Music That Transcends Language

America has opened itself to music sung in foreign languages, passionately receiving groups like BTS and Blackpink from South Korea in the past few years. With Bollywood already rising in popularity in the American movie industry, it’s high time for the United States and the rest of the world to listen to more Hindi music.
Multi-instrumentalist Janapriyan Levine creates songs with dimension and musicality, bridging America and India. His music pierces through the language barrier and tells stories using a multitude of elements, which not many producers can accomplish. When asked about his production process, he answered, “I listen until I hear what’s missing, then I add it.” His catalogue spans from instrumental music to songs in a multitude of Indian languages, all with amazing storytelling. The Grammy-contributing music director has helped build the Facebook Sound Collection, an 11,000-song resource for creators, and is responsible for  Facebook’s “friendversary” music.

Levine frequently travels to India to scout for artists and introduces their talents to the world. His latest release, Haare Haare, features yet another remarkable Indian artist Neha Karode. The music video is directed by MTV veteran Mark Kohr, who has directed music videos for well-known artists like Green Day, Gwen Stefani, and Primus. Kohr weaves a story that is told through the brilliant dancing of Ashley Thophia, showing a young woman’s inner transformation brought on by her love interest. The music video is reminiscent of a peak rom-com film and will have listeners smiling from start to finish.

Haare Haare is a tick off the bucket list of Levine’s musical career as he remarks, “I grew up on MTV in the 90s. My childhood was shaped by the music videos that Mark had directed. To have him direct my own music video was a full-circle moment for me. My fans are all over the world, I wanted to give everyone a reason to fall in love, this was the song that could do it.”

The music video will go live on Levine’s Youtube channel on the 25th of November.
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