Kikelomo Atanda-Atanda-Owo In ‘Real Talk’

Kikelomo Atanda-Owo is a journalist and the founder/host of ‘Real Talk With Kike’ on Silverbird and Inspiration FM.​


She is also the brain behind Z-Edge Limited and Kike Hub Foundation. She spoke on how the live talk show started, authoring two books and using her life experiences to guide others.

Before going into entrepreneurship, you were doing well in a senior management position but resigned, why this decision?

As a senior vice president, I was doing very well, career and income-wise. However, I wanted personal growth and felt like being the boss of my own company. I had gone to the deep ends of my career and sat with top executives of different organisations, but I needed to sit in the capacity as an owner. I needed to grow and nurture what belonged to me. I needed to my imprint on a brand that is mine. Hence, my own company was natural and timely. For those who invest their time in the growth of organisations, others deserve to nurture theirs as well.

You have been back in the media industry for over a decade now, what has the experience been, so far?

The decision to come back to the media should have been taken about five years ago, however, it is worth the ride. I never felt disappointed in exploring and navigating different career waters. The major difference between media then and now is the evolution and the role of technology. Social media and ICT are aspects of technology that have reshaped the media profession. The turf of readjustment was mainly acclimatising myself with social media applications of the practice. Overall, the experience has been interesting, challenging and promising. I’m pulling my wits and attaining feats like others haven’t done.

How do you juggle hosting your talk show, ‘Real Talk with Kike’ with other things you do as the CEO of a business?

Juggling both has been interesting for me, though exigent because of the clashes. There are times I have to make internet run and local trips out of Lagos and at the same time, ensure both sides are not shortchanged in terms of production and demands. Juggling both has its dividends in terms of merits and demerits. All the same, as an entrepreneur, you have to learn to multitask and see how both can be intertwined. Specifically, ‘Real Talk With Kike’ stems from media production and Z-Edge Consulting is from corporate management and training perspective. From core expertise, there are resources and engagements with capacity to infuse my capacity for both.

What  goal would you say you are trying to achieve with the show?

It is a live talk show that traverses contemporary issues and topics of national and global relevance. It is fashioned to achieve a collaborative participation among stakeholders and the public beyond the conventional talk show practice. Also, it bridges the gaps between the government, politicians, industry captains and the public on national and industry policies allowing them to have positive debates on initiatives ranging from economy to politics to health, education, tourism, aviation and so on.

You are also a published author with another book you authored recently out; what messages are you looking to pass with these books?

I have realised that every human being has a role to play in imparting this world with what God has given to the individual and with whatever he or she has achieved, personally, in terms of life experience and career, he/she must give back to the world. My first book; ‘Unbroken’ was a narrative of my past; mostly about my marriages, my relationships and the horrid experiences I have had with people and how others can avoid the pitfalls I experienced. My second book, ‘Daily Quotes Book’, is a compilation of my thoughts, reflections and daily experiences on social, philosophical and worldly affairs. With my books, I hope to inspire, motivate and re-orientate people to see life from different perspectives as well as pick up a couple of life lessons.

How has response to these books been?

Amazing. The acceptance has been unbelievable. A lot of people including intellectuals have praised the effort and even recommended them as resource materials for those experiencing marital challenges, needing self-realisation, career development and personal life motivation.

You spoke about your experiences in the first book, what would you advise women who find themselves in similar shoes?

I would advise them to keep their head afloat, use their brains and not emotions and weigh the pros and cons. No same shoe fits all. Our circumstances are as peculiar as our challenges. Mine may need one approach, while the next person may require a different approach. However, when marriages become toxic to the extent of losing your mental health, sanity or even threat to life, I would advice the person to exit. When such marriages becomes abusive in any form and you realise it is not a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, please leave before your life leaves you.​ For ladies, I think the major cause of going into toxic relationships is ignoring red flags. Nothing makes women ignore red flags more than emotions. I think one of my problems was that I allowed myself be rushed into marriage but now, I’m more logical, which I believe is due to experience and maturity.

How have you been able to transcend all these to thrive and even give back?

With the practical experience I have gained so far, I guess I have evolved. I am more career-driven now and it takes centre stage. My experience makes my journey different and I have a fantastic career working out well for me. I would tell women to realise themselves first as self-recognition is key. Women first need to recognise their worth and self-esteem before they can be able to give back in any capacity.

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