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Extradition: NDLEA turns down Kashamu’s request to vacate his residence


Kashamu Buruji

Kashamu Buruji

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on Tuesday turned down an order requesting it to vacate the residence of Senator-elect, Buruji Kashamu, in Lagos.

The Agency’s Head of Public Affairs, Mitchel Ofoyeju, disclosed this in a statement in Lagos .

Ofoyeju said that the agency received a court order to vacate the residence and directed both Attorney General of the Federation, Mr Bello Adoke and Ahmed Giade, Chairman, NDLEA to appear in court.

According to the statement, the NDLEA did not believe that any court would issue such warrant preventing any agency to perform its statutory role as drug trafficking law enforcement agency.

Ofoyeju said the agency would continue to maintain its stand on monitoring the residence of the Senator-elect in preparation for his extradition after his appearance in court.

“The NDLEA wishes to reiterate that his rights like that of other citizens shall be respected and the due process of law followed in this case.

“The agency is prepared to further increase its public rating and goodwill in the areas of suspect handling.

“Respect for human rights and the rule of law.

“We are prepared to explore all legal means in handling this case to a logical conclusion,” the statement said.

Ofoyeju said that the Nigerian Government had received request from the United States Government for the extradition of Prince Buriji Kashamu.

He said that the U.S government had also provided Warrant of arrest on him contrary to what his attorneys said that there was no warrant of arrest to effect their actions.

“According to official record, Kashamu has been a target of both the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Immigration.

” In addition with Customs Enforcement (ICE) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for over 20 years.

“He was further indicted by the Grand Jury in the Northern District of Illinois, United States on heroin trafficking charges, ‘’ the statement said.

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  • FirecloudOFGOD

    If Buruji man is afraid of US courts, why is he afraid of Nigerian court system?

  • Drug Barron Buruji, your time is up no matter all kind maneuver you’re trying to engage the attorney General, this will not help you. Buruji, look at it this way, does this worth it, you’ve totally lost your freedom, there is no way you’re not going to be locked up in US, 15-30 years of your life will be spent in jail I have no doubt about that, what will be left of you after your jail time maybe you will close to 80 years by then if not over. I learnt you’re planning to kill yourself if they have to take you by force, maybe you’re better of if you do that, just end everything, you have to pay a price for your evil, nobody should be sorry for you.

  • Jokolo

    Think about the word ‘‘indicted by US court’’ which means to
    charge with a crime. That confirmd that there is no court decision as we speak,
    the man may be guilty or innocent of the charge or charges. It appears to me
    that this is not a case of extradition but attempted kidnapping by NDLA and the
    parties involved. Treating accusation as actual offence and without due process
    to the Law has no justification either in the US or in Nigeria. This is clearly
    a case of attempted kidnapping by NDLA not extradition.

  • frank Lare

    No guarantee he will not run to another country so they are trying to make sure he does not until the extradition hearing is exhausted after all he is still in his house.

  • MCK

    Until Nigerians start calling a spade a spade things will not change. If this man has been indicted in USA the land of fair justice let him surrender and have his day in the court of best justice system in the world. If he is not guilty he will be set free. He should not be allowed to assume office as a senator come May 29, 2015,as an indicted person.. If he is declared not guilty he can come back and serve his term as a senator.

  • Adefila Johnson Gbenga



    Dear Editor,

    I write to suggest the above man as a minister. He is intelligent

    humble and incorruptible. He has worked in the aviation Industry for 42

    years. A technocrat per excellence, he was unjustly fired by outgoing president
    Goodluck Jonathan

    after the bullet proof car scam of Mrs. Stella Oduah broke out. He

    barely spent 5months out of his 5 year term confirmed by the senate.

    He has faced senate and house of Reps and was cleared because he

    hasn’t assumed office when the saga/contract was carried out. He will

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