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‘If Buhari fails on promises, change will be the answer’




• 60 CSOs to monitor new govt

FROM more than 60 civil society organisations across the country came yesterday a message to the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, that the change he promised should include ending long years of deceit of Nigerians by politicians.

Essentially, the civil groups urged Buhari to brace up to the expectations of Nigerians from his leadership as they would hold him to the promises he made to the electorate while campaigning.

Briefing journalists in Abuja on behalf of the Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room, the Executive Director‎ of Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC), Clement Nwankwo, noted that Buhari’s campaign promises led to the people voting for him, therefore, it will be in his best interest to deliver on his promises.

“Let no one make mistakes about this: we will keep a close eye on the incoming government. We will closely monitor the government. Expectations are high, and if the government fails, change will automatically be the answer.

“We will hold the new government to account. Buhari must come out with specific steps he will take to end corruption and impunity in the country.

“Situation Room also congratulates Buhari and urges him to chart the course of steering Nigeria away from its present economic and political crises to the path of recovery,” Nwankwo said.

According to him, the president-elect would be assuming office against a background of several challenges, including socio-economic downturn, rising poverty, insecurity and insurgency, unprecedented corruption and declining infrastructure. “The President-elect should take steps to re-unify the country and heal the wounds of a very divisive campaign largely fought along ethnic, religious and regional lines.

“We urge Buhari to work for the common good of all the Nigerian people, especially the poor and vulnerable sectors of the population,” he said.

The civil groups promised to continue its work in defence of the democracy and human rights of all Nigerians and would hold the in-coming government to account, in line with constitutionally guaranteed rights and internationally recognised standards of good governance. They congratulated the Nigerian people for turning out to vote during the elections.

According to Nwankwo, ‎the election represents a victory for democracy and the right of the people of Nigeria to determine who rules them. “The Nigerian people showed a determination to exercise their democratic right despite several logistical challenges, delays and attempts by some politicians to frustrate the process.”

The groups commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for conducting a credible election despite the challenges encountered. They urged the commission to address all the hiccups that ‎characterised last Saturday’s election as it prepares to conduct the April 11 governorship and Houses of Assembly elections.

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  • New Nigerian

    He will not fail. We the people will make sure. Let civil society stay pugged in. I can assure you that independents like myself, God willing, will stay tuned and put the feet of the new government to the fire to ensure that we see the changes from Day 1 – Reform the military immediately to weed out the kleptocrats there and if possible recall back some wrongfully retired professionals – we want the absolute best for Nigeria – (we do not want a reversal of fortune a-la-Egypt and Arab springs); Defeat Boko Haram fair & square and stop terrorism in the land in the North and the South and everywhere in between; Plug the corruption holes immediately – sunset the contract of the 400,000 barrels stolen oil and empower reformed navy to man the security of our territorial waters; Enable rule of law by ensuring that all EFCC and the legal system works as they should; Clean up the Judiciary of corrupt judges…Stop illegal fuel subsidy-scandal; Build up infrastructure, Create Jobs and create enabling environment for FDI to Nigeria.

    The President must spend the political capital he has received from those who voted for him to bring to life changes that will reform, rebuild and restore Nigeria and Nigerians.

    With that said we would resist unnecessary and useless harassment from agent provocateur that may want to scuttle real change for the people of Nigeria.

  • Ikorodua

    Buhari would be making the biggest mistake of his life-time, if he thinks that he can sell Nigeria’s natural ressources endowment and assets to foreigners. GEJ’s patriotic LOCAL CONTENT( applicable globally) in all aspects of strategic commodities contracts (Oil, Gas, exploration Mineral sourcing/minning), must be adhered to, cos Nigerians (irrespective of tribe) are given FIRST RIGHTS:- it has already made billionaires out of Deltans. . NIGERIANS CAN, YES, WE CAN. WURU WURU time is gone, thanks to FOI (FREEDOM OF INFORMATION). We are all ears and eyes. Nigeria has CHANGED.

  • OOO

    Where were these 60 or more CSOs when GEJ plunged Nigeria resources and was dividing the country along religious and ethnic lines, and letting Boko Haram fester?? Sitting on their butts.

  • This is the problem with our effete and largely comatose Civil Society groups. Why were they not able to hold Jonathan accountable all these years? Where were they when all the looting was going on under a president who believes that stealing is not corruption? I dont understand the change that they are threatening will come. They have lost the people’ s mandate and solidarity.