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Kalu Writes Obasanjo: You Are Corrupt Sir!


Kalu. emmaculatejnr.blogspot

Kalu. emmaculatejnr.blogspot

ANY meaningful probe of corruption in Nigeria must begin with former President Olusegun Obasanjo, former Abia State Governor, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu has said.

Kalu, who alleged instances of corruption against the former Nigerian leader, said the former President fertilized official corruption in the country during his tenure, stressing that it was on the strength of the festering sleaze around Obasanjo that he was moved to draw the former President’s attention to the monumental corruption circulating around his office in 2005.

In the official letter dated September 25, 2005 and addressed to His Excellency, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, copy of which was made available to The Guardian yesterday, Kalu accused Obasanjo of not only handling major oil deals through his cronies but also preventing the proper auditing of the accounts of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Explaining why he insists Obasanjo should be probed for corruption, Kalu recalled how in a media appearance on the Voice of America, (VOA) in August 2005, he challenged the then President to openly declare his assets, remarking that “an exemplary leader genuinely committed to taking up arms against the invading monster of corruption would have had no hesitation in rising to the call.”

While accusing the former President of owning a foreign account and a platinum credit card, Orji Uzor Kalu added: “The most pressing question I wish to put to you, sir, revolves around your long tenure as Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum Resources since 1999. Why has there not been a properly audited account of the Ministry of Petroleum resources since then, despite outcry by the people for this to be done?

“There is indisputable evidence that all the deals in the nation’s oil sector are being handled by you, through your cronies and agents. What about the leakages and the fraud at the NNPC with particular reference to crude oil sales and the accrued commissions? What have you done to check the malfeasance?”

The former Abia governor noted that four years after Obasanjo’s administration embarked upon its anti-corruption crusade, it threatened fire and brimstone with pretentious swagger of a national revolution against corruption, regretting, however, that “the campaigns have not yielded desired results because the entire effort lacks focus and a strong foundation right from the outset.”

Furthermore, Kalu informed Obasanjo: “The most preposterous and incredulous aspect of your anti-corruption campaign” was that while the media was awash with stories connected with the EFCC and ICPC, “corruption is taking root and multiplying daily in many federal establishments, including Aso Villa, the very seat of power, where you reside.”

“I have repeatedly made the observation that corruption is rife among senior officials of government, especially those at the federal level, and among your friends, your business associates and cronies. Around you and in your name have coalesced a few powerful brokers of corrupt practices who peddle your influence and extract billions of naira in the form of oil and gas and defence contract commissions.

“The budget is manipulated at the National Assembly with the active connivance of your surrogates and a few Senators, thereby carting away billions of naira through contract padding or inflation. The felonious activities of this cabal, including the foreign accounts of some of your aides and serving and former ministers are well known to the international community. I would be surprised if you feign ignorance of this unfortunate situation,” Kalu wrote.

Kalu went ahead in the six-page letter to accuse Obasanjo on specific corrupt practices saying: “A few examples are necessary to buttress my case: The Abuja National Stadium, why was the original design for the stadium, which had a five star hotel and which contract was won by a Chinese firm discarded and re-awarded to another foreign construction company based in Nigeria without the component of a five star hotel but at five times the price originally quoted by the Chinese firm? There is unquestionable evidence at my disposal pointing to the fact that mega corruption lies at the base of this dramatic turnabout.

“Why have the operations of Bureau for Public Enterprises (BPE) remained so murky? Who collected the commissions for the sale of Ajaokuta Steel Company and Delta Steel Rolling Mill, Aladja? To what degree would you, Mr. President, defend those transactions as transparent? Who owns Bells University and Bells Secondary School? Who paid for the construction of hostels and gigantic sports complex at the Bells Secondary School? I put it to you sir, that both projects were financed with Nigerian taxpayers’ money through the construction giant, STRABAG, five years ago (2000). What role did a former Minister of Sports play in the whole deal?”

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  • bobo

    I’m not surprised that a former top executive of Transparency International is the most corrupt Nigerian. Chameleon of the first order.

  • dawas

    Buhari please take note

  • Tony Oshea

    Orji Uzor Kalu,we share similar sentiments and are equally provoked by flagrant impunity,cross-fertilized with hypocritical kleptomaniac.However,like the late Ooni advised you,leave Baba OBJ alone.OBJ loves you,we love you too, therefore leave him alone,trust me,as a man of God,Baba is like king David,even though David committed adultery with a married woman and killed her husband,God still loved David.Therefore, whosoever God loves,no man should cast aspersions on him.Please leave Baba OBJ alone.This is my sincere advice to a fellow Ibo,rest this matter with God.

    • BETICO

      So, OBJ is above the law. If that is the case, there is no law in Nigeria. You failed to challenge the monumental corruption allegations against OBJ, rather praising him. Because OBJ is no more a PDP members. To you, all PDP members are the only people corrupt in Nigeria. God is gradually exposing them one by one.

    • Reginald

      Man of devil indeed…. That ‘s why Nigeria will continue to remain a joke. People like you who around masquerading as men of God shouldn’t be taken serious. Can you tell me what transformed into Ota Farms ltd? If you were born before OBJ’s tenure in 1976…. it is OFN = Operation feed the Nation. He duped Nigerians and converted same to his personal property. How much was OBJ worth before 1999 and how much was his salary and bonuses during his 8 year reign and tell Nigerians what he has become afterwards = richest living African leader, a billionaire. Please tell me the name of your church and I will those mumu following you to run for their dear lives before you finish conning them like OBJ has done to Nigerians. Do you want to know really how much of the tax-payers money that was shared on a Ghana must go bag for the “Third Term” agenda? OBJ was minister for Petroleum for almost 8 years yet the refineries were malfunctioning. Dont be a disgrace to humanity by quoting the case of David as it concerns Obj!

    • It is not about Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa.
      It is about equity. PMB must go bold or talk less. He over promised and now it is becoming a problem. I don’t see how credible he will look like if he choose GEJ as the only prey. That’s not fair.

      • AA

        Is it possible to email u pls? I wd like to invite u to participate in a proper debate forum. Pls let me know.

        • Disqus remains the best forum to talk about Nigeria and her future.

          • AA

            Sure. No worries.

  • Naijalova

    Orji Uzor Kalu an authority on who is corrupt in Nigeria???????????????
    Very soon he will have another article in the Guardian about who is occultist hahahahahahaha
    God bless Nigeria

  • Dare Arokoyo

    True, one must go to equity with clean hands; yet this sounds more like extracting a pound of flesh off the spoiler!


    Is there anything we can ever agree on as a country? if someone is corrupt, he is corrupt irrespective of which region or ethnic group or party he belongs to. Nigeria is prostrate today because we close our eyes to the corruption of those that we love or those that belong to our ethnic group or political party while we chant crucify him to those of other regions, political party or ethnic group. For Nigeria to move forward, there should be one law for everybody. Evil should never be interpreted from the prism of which region, ethnic or party we belong to.

  • nkem

    If Orji Uzor Kalu has any evidence of corruption against Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, as he claims, the appropriate step is to lodge his complaints with the EFCC and other investigating authorities. These open letters are nothing but publicity stunts for the almost forgotten former governor.

    • Kelly

      Did you actually read this letter well or you have an intellectual disorder? This letter was written in 2005 when OBJ was still president and that shows his courage to point out obvious facts to a sitting president. The question we should ask is, are these issues raised facts of fiction? We all know that the are incontrovertible facts that stares us in the face, even though some of us choose to turn blind eyes to it for reasons best known to us as individuals, but that in itself will not change it for what it is… We can choose to follow it to a logical conclusion or do other wise but it is on record that One Orji Uzor Kalu pointed us to the real thief of our national treasury. Shame!!!

      • nkem

        Logical beginnings lead to logical conclusions. If you and your ilk desire logical conclusions, first you must advise Orji Uzor Kalu to take the first logical step by reporting and handing over the evidence in his possession to the appropriate authorities. As for your intellectual disorder, it needs no further comment as it is obvious.

        • It applies to all including your OBJ, Oshomhole and all others that has been making all these wild allegations since May 29. The invisible hands are at work indeed. PMB doesn’t have the spine. He is confused.

    • But that has been the game of Buhari led government since May 29. It was Oshomhole the other day that was making allegations that he couldn’t substantiate against Okonjo-Iweala. Did you just joined the debate?

  • Onyigbo

    Now we have struck the kingpin & main nerve of corruption. This exposure explains the miserable & lack luster efforts of baba Obj to defend corruption, as personified by him and his administration,. Obj returned aggression for answers during the ‘Hardtalk’ interview. No doubt, Mr Corruption walked the streets, nooks and cranny of Nigeria during the obj administration. Nigeria we hail thee!

  • Eyes Justice

    My favourite definition of CORRUPTION in the Nigerian political lexicon: `The infraction of my enemy which pales into insignificance compared with the HUGE SKELETON IN MY CLOSET`. That is why the Chairman of the new anti-corruption committee Prof Itse Sagay is saying and doing everything a SAN can possibly do to obtain the head of the courageous judge who put her life on the line to call the attention of the world to the monumental crime against humanity that is playing out in the State of Osun. Not surprising though, after all, are not our senior advocates the praetorian Knights sworn to the defence of the empire of avarice and protection of the barons of corruption in our land?

    One wonders why Orji Kalu is rehashing this long-lost challenge. The Knights are out in their shinning armours to defend the bastion of evil. It`s only those who can`t pay for protection that will be assailed. Surely, Mr. Kalu should know.

    • STEVE

      Sagay is a huge disappointment and a shameless hustler around the corridors of power. I ‘ve always advocated for the total scrapping of SAN rubbish, as it ridicules the legal profession, having been grossly politicised.

  • Okey

    That’s why when somebody says has drawn a line to start war against corruption only from Jonathan’s tenure, the insincerity, mischief and hypocrisy become too evident.

  • WhichWayNigeria(WWN)

    Kalu is not telling us something new, he even forgot to mention the biggest corrupt evidence against Obasanjo which is the multi-billion dollar Obasanjo library we know it will take Obasanjo at least 1,000 years in office to save such huge money something he did in eight years in office. Buhari is telling us that because he benefited politically from corrupt public looters of our national treasures like Obasanjo, Tinubu and Amaechi, that then should justify his blind eye on these crooks. Nobody is fallen for such antics. Anything short of a holistic and complete audit of the nation account from IBB to the present is simply window dressing and tribal warfare against a minority tribe, and it will be resisted.

    • New Nigerian

      How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time..first we recover the $300 billion commonwealth stolen/hidden under Jonathan’s watch…then who knows, we have to kill corruption before it kills Nigeria right? Lets’ start with the most recent, because those are the easiest to unwound and then we work our way to 1960…In the interim anyone, including Kalu or any civil group is free to launch a case in any court or forward details if they have it to EFCC…Just saying “Cronies” does not make any sense…

      • AriseNigeria

        A record is a record and at anytime you can always access them. EFCC was established in 1999 by Obasanjo’s, You count one before you count two, and the same logic says Buhari should start with IBB, and if not IBB, definitely from Obasanjo whose financial crime runs in trillions. Buhari is only covering up the criminal enterprise that help elect him President., and we are not deceived.

        • PolyGon2013

          When trees fall on top of each other on the way, you deal with the one on top (the recent one). GEJ is recent, and we will deal with it because it is glaring. However, in the process of removing the top tree, it will pull the one below it. By the way GEJ government is the most corrupt in Nigeria history.

          • Onyiah D. C.

            It depends on how you see it, PDP has been in power since 1999, now we have APC, start probe with PDP, do not go into the days of the military, anything bad with that?

          • AA

            EVERYTHING bad with that. Begin at the beginning. Government is continuous – even now, Buhari is building on the things GEJ did like the Single Treasury Account thing. Let us start at the root. GEJ’s regime will surely be probed, but the others must be probed as well.

          • Osi Braimah

            Yes – everything is bad with that

          • Supo

            I’m beginning to suspect you this Osi man, are you sure you’re not one of the yam eaters with the way you’re defending these thieves.

          • Donald


          • AA

            Where do you get ur facts from? You know this is pure propaganda because u have NO facts to support the idea that the past regime is the most corrupt. If we really want to fight corruption we shd start at the beginning, the root. It is PMB’s supporters that are afraid of the probe; they are the ones trying to shield their leaders from a probe. GEJ has said he is ready. PMB and his sponsors shd declare their readiness too, otherwise this is a massive scam.

          • emeka

            I thought PMB promised he would declare his assets openly if he won the election! If he can’t declare his assets openly as he promised without durex, he has lost the moral strength to fight corruption. He who goes to equity must come with clean hands. Yaradua did it to show good leadership without corruption.

          • AA

            Dont’ forget also that Buhari said Abacha is not corrupt. As far as I know, he has not withdrawn that statement. And to imagine that many Nigerians really see Buhari as a saint! Na wa o!!

          • GOD WIN 9JA

            I beg ask them ooh. Until now a corruption fighter has not let us know how rich he is, so that when he leaves we won’t know how richer he became.

          • Abdul Omokanye

            I do not know what problem we have in where to start the probe! Just get all the money back and stop pointing accusing fingers! If your brother is a thief and he is caught, do you want the judge to start asking where he learnt the skill from and start chasing shadows? If Obasanjo is corrupt does that make it legal for GEJ to outstrip him? GEJ has the primary responsibility to “bring to book” the criminals and thief of his immidiate past. Otherwise, he has failed woefully to leave the task for the NEXT president. Buhari has the duty to work with the handover notes from GEJ and investigate/Audit the correctness or otherwise. If any complaints are found regarding Obasanjo administration Justice demands that they will also be pursued… BUT as Yoruba adage says – “We normally remove the top tree first…” We should treat the fresh wound before it rotts away. Money stolen 20-30 years ago by Maradona Babangida; Abacha and Salami would not be as traceable as the once freshly stolen by GEJ Looters… The forensic Auditors are given initial assignment to dig through 10 years back. Based on their successful mission, who knows, they may be able to go to Phase 2 – 10-20 years then phase 3 20-30 yrs. Then all of us will be happy. May The Almighty God Help PMB with His mighty Powers to Grant him success in his sincere effort to clean up our dear native land of corrupt practices. LET US JOIN HANDS in prayers for the new regime… AMEN!

          • emeka

            The Harliburton fraud is as fresh as can be in every body’s mind. Let’s start from there. The Americans have all the facts because they jailed the American counterparts of the scam. This is the quickest and easiest money to recover, PMB start from there!

          • GOD WIN 9JA

            I think the anti-corruption fight hashtag should read:- #FROMBUHARI1983TOBUHARI2015

          • Osi Braimah

            Part of Abacha , s loot was returned two months ago my brother – we are not all Yorubas so we don’t understand your proverbs please – it’s better to start at the beginning -‘Kanu has pointed the way to make the job easy

          • Supo

            The President has chosen to start from the last administration, so your point is moot. If Mr. Jonathan did not have the balls to probe anyone and couldn’t grow a pair to do so, that’s his problem. All we want is our money from whoever has it.

          • AA

            Did u hear that Buhari said Abacha is not corrupt? What does that say about what Buhari understands corruption to be? What do u have to say about that? Pls respond.

          • Supo

            You can make all the noise in the world, this President remains unimpressed and he has assured the nation that he will resist every pressure to make him lose focus in his war against corruption. He will follow the evidence wherever it leads. This nonsense about fighting corruption from independence is just that -nonsense. Whoever is implicated in any corruption in the last administration will be brought to book. The President gets to determine what the nature and dimension of his fight is going to take and he will not be turned around. It was entirely open to Mr. Jonathan to probe his predecessors but he lacked the balls to do so and he couldn’t grow a pair. That’s his problem. All the yam eating goats, in all parties, shall be made to vomit the yams they so shamelessly consumed with so much impunity.

          • AA

            “The President gets to determine what the nature and dimension of his fight is going to take”. Really? Do u realise this is a democracy? And then do u realise u have no right to insult any position as ‘nonsense’? It’s very unfortunate that so many Nigerians have so little clues about what modern governance and democracy entails. Let me indulge with just ONE question: What is your response to Buhari’s statement that Abacha is not corrupt? You chose to ignore this point that I raised. Pls respond to it. And tell us what that statement says about his supposed disgust for corruption. Waiting …

          • Supo

            His statement about corruption was wrong. Abacha is corrupt and the statement does not tell me anything. I’m more interested in what he’s doing. All we are interested in is the recovering of our money and prosecuting those that have stolen us blind now that we know stealing is corruption. If you choose to chase shadows that’s your prerogative. It’s a democracy alright which gives the people to have a say and the government to actually govern. PMB is the President today and he has taken a decision about the dimension that his fight will take. I say it again, if you don’t like it, tough. What can you do about it really? Go to court and challenge the decision. I suppose that’s an option. Other than that, what can you do about it really other than to vent on social media and then it becomes a game of numbers. Are you part of the majority of the people who actually supports how he’s prosecuting the war or you’re not. It’s as simple as that.

          • AA

            So PMB’s saying that Abacha was not corrupt does not tell u anything about PMB? And yet he says GEJ was corrupt. So u do not see hypocrisy and double standards in that? And u don’t think his supporters shd question his honesty and integrity on the basis of this inconsistency? Pls tell me.

          • Supo

            You can see anything in any statement. What I see is someone who made a wrong statement in the past. PMB is not going to be judged by what he says but by what he does and what he’s able to accomplish. The man himself has also said that he’s a changed man. If you don’t believe him, that’s your choice, but don’t expect his supporters to travel that road with you the same way we did not travel the Jonathan road.

          • sabirehab

            Nigeria has a very long way to go with this kind of warped mentality of yours. so its okay for some known individuals to be shielded because they are untouchable and came from an advantaged part of the country while others will be witch hunted? in Philippines Ferdinand Marcos was prosecuted for corruption 20 years after his regime and some members if his families are still be investigated till today.

          • Supo

            What warped thinking? Perhaps if your idol had developed the balls to do the needful and go after those you call untouchables we would not have been where we are today. Insisting that the present occupant of Aso Rock should do what his predecessor did not do, again, I say is unserious. The government should follow the evidence where it leads and whoever (and emphasise that word) is implicated should be brought to book after recovering our yams and their assets.

          • sabirehab

            GEJ was voted out by Nigerians because he failed woefully in fighting corruption. so hence Nigerians voted Buhari to do a better job, there shouldn’t be any untouchable, he should do the job GEJ failed to do without fear or favour.

          • Kazuna Maduka

            Exactly, all prosecutions should include the writer of that open letter to OBJ.

          • AMARA.C

            your logic is improper ,buhari needs evidence of if obasanjo is corrupt and orji uzor kalu has provided it so if buhari meant to probe only jonathan then orji uzor kalu will forward the allegation to u.n body to probe we are in multipolar world right now. no more uni polar world.

          • Since you igbo-biafra’s wants probe
            The probe should start with Kalu!

          • GOD WIN 9JA

            @Polygon2013, I don’t think you know the full meaning of the word “Corruption”. Okay, you mean after dealing with the trees on top, your way will be fluid. Liar. The real thing is, you pull them from any side that pleases you, but the whole job must be done from A to Z.

          • Osi Braimah

            Kanu has made obj tenure quite glaring – move on with the probes

      • Donald

        stupid Yoruba when ever a good point is been raised that implicate your tribe man you bring propaganda of confussion to errupt the issue, don’t worry soonest you the migratory birds will find your nest parasit with no destiny.

        • Go back to abia, no momadit people

        • Go back to biafra, your insult goes on you and your parents.

          Crazy fraudulent nomadic people

      • AA

        I agree that u eat an elephant one piece at a time, but the logic that we start at the most recent is very faulty. We start at the beginning! The links go from one to two and not the other way round. I would like to ask you a question: Where did u arrive at 300bn dollars stolen under Jonathan? Where are the figures stolen under Balewa, Gowon, Muritala, Obasanjo, Shagari, Buhari, IBB, Abdulsalam, Obasanjo, Yar’Adua???? It is this ostrich approach to corruption that exposes the hypycrisy behind PMB’s so-called fight against corruption.

        • francis

          Don´t mind that fool, just ask him what is Nigeria`s total budget and I bet I wouldn’t have a clue. Buhari is busy fighting corruption on the pages of newspaper and fools are here writing nonsense. What majority of Nigerians want is a holistic approach in rooting out corruption and not a selective justice.

        • GOD WIN 9JA

          The hashtag is:- #FROMBUHARI1983TILLBUHARI2015. Because Buhari has already probed his predecessors, though he was too kiri-kiri harsh on some (the likes of Ekwueme), he treated his fellow northerners nicely with gloves in his hands, keeping them in the luxury of a Five-Star Hotel in V.I., an area which is not known for having a single prison, but famous for being a garden with assorted 5-Star Hotels.

          • AA

            That is one of the reasons we cannot trust him! He is not really fighting corruption but fighting some people. It is the same thing OBJ did; using the power of office to witch-hunt those he considers to be political enemies. And THAT in itself is corruption of the highest order.

      • Osi Braimah

        Obj is quite recent – and Kanu is showing you where to start! . To save valuable time

        • Supo

          2005 is quite recent and 2015 is not? Which is earlier in time? Ridiculous post. This President has made a decision as to where he wants to start his probe. You all just blowing hot air.

  • KennBest

    Kalu of all persons speaking. Long ago, you lost relevance even, forever. Stop the attention seeking and go to court if you have any evidence against the person of Obasanjo. It is easy to impress on the public the knowledge of an Obasanjo deal. I could as well say, your former Abia Commissioner of Lands should be invited to answer questions about some lands you own at Umuahia and a gigantic property on Lagos Street at Aba. Question is, which former commissioner, which land, which of the properties on Lagos Street? Go to court and stop boring us with ‘generalistic’ stories.



    • WhichWayNigeria(WWN)

      What is irrelevance in calling out Obasanjo crimes? What further evidence do you want, in Camera? Obasanjo is the most evil and corrupt man that ever walked on our nation soil, and Buhari benefited politically from him including Obasanjo famed tearing of his PDP card, if he like, he could rip apart his cloth for all I care, whether he wants to run naked in market place is not my business, but that multi-billion dollar library should be declared a public property, because it was built with Nigeria oil looted funds.

      • KennBest

        Beer parlour argument is what you’re presenting here. You said “multi-billion dollar library” like you were present during the contract signing. I once heard a guy say his uncle bought a jeep for N33m to mark his 50th birthday. Unfortunately, there were close to 10 people listening and believing his story until I asked him a question.

        1. Which name of ‘jeep’ did uncle buy?
        2. Where were you when he was sigining the cheque for N33m?
        3. Did uncle call you to say he just bought a vehicle for N33m?

        Anyway, his kind of gist and yours, is only good for another bottle of free beer. Awuf.

        • Olu stephenson USA

          Thanks you; you said it all. I hope we have judiciary system that can keep all these corrupted idoits in jail for life.

        • ANONYMOUS

          Yes @Ponoman. These guys are truly MONKEYS. This is exactly the reason why this country in being wallowing in absolute corruption. People come out, open their dirty mouth to talk rubbish. Do you guys mean that if you see one who is corrupt then you go to court???? Did GMB go to court to institute his probe or constitute his probe panel??? Honestly, i find it difficult to ascertain how GMB will find his way in this probe, because if he dares probe only GEJ’s government, then he is definitely calling for a division of this country because that Baboo in Ota has destroyed this country right from his days as a military head of state. Obasanjo Farm we know is Nigeria’s farm for Operation Feed The Nation which in turn became his property today. He was in power for 8years without a minister of petroleum. Probe is good to move this country forward, but must be done with justice and equity. Remember, President Jerry Rawlings did not kill his immediate past president or probe their government, but killed all that has been looting their treasury and confiscate their properties to save Ghana of today. So let’s be wise matured in this and GMB should be total in this probe without tribal, sentiment or party conscious in this probe. A thief is a thief irrespective of whichever party he is or coming from.

        • AA

          Nice one. Not that I support either Obj or anyone else. It is just so painful to see the ignorance that many Nigerians display in regard to issues of governance and politics.

    • Olu stephenson USA

      You said it all okalu should be in jail rather than pointing a finger. If he knows he have information about obasanjo, he should go to the court or make a complain to the right agency. Okalu should keep his dirty mouth out of politic and report to jail.

  • agbobu




    • OK assuming that GEJ is the most corrupt as you alleged and needed to be probed. That’s OK. Why the debate?
      Remove politics and you will see the truth.

  • prince ethel

    We all know, the idiot want to play smart by accusing GEJ thinking that we are blind

    • djong22

      OBJ must be probed if anything to go by…. IS OBJ not a thief?

  • AriseNigeria

    Buhari is heavily indebted to the criminals that believe they made him President, and that informs the reason why he has introduced politics in his “fight” against corruption.The fact is that an opportunity is already lost to save Nigeria except Buhari is ready and willing to rock the boat, but with his age and the task before him, he has resorted to window dressing and the status quo of corruption and impunity remains, otherwise, we challenge him to probe Obasanjo regime, if IBB corrupt regime is too far reaching for him.

  • philbest

    Nigeria should do like South Africa after the fall of apartheid. Establish a corruption court for the public to drag any corrupt politicians like Obasanjo for redress.

  • Agbaakin Majeobajo

    Fellow Nigerians………If our President Buhari is very particular about education (our cradle of knowledge), then immediate attention and focus should be directed at the millions of “Private” schools from Nursery, Primary, Secondary to Tertiary institutions now multiplying in every nook and crany of the federation. These schools have totally killed our public schools because of the enormous amount of money being extracted from Nigerian parents as school fees and there’s nothing to show for it!!! Our governments at all levels should focus attention at streamlining the activities of these schools. It is surprising that some of these schools are built at locations that will never qualify for such institution in a normal developed or developing country with no sports facilities and multi-story classrooms with no “safety” in mind! Except the ones established by our corrupt multi-billionaires, all other schools (with as many as five on one street – in Lagos) should be checked before it is too late. The same thing that happened to Nigeria the brunt of which we’re bearing today may be the eventual results of these crooked schools operating everywhere without check!!! To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed!!!! GMB please!!!!!

    • AA

      I think u make a good point about the need for quality education but I am not sure what u are proposing. The truth is that private school owners deserve our commendation because they have stepped in where govt has failed. Because of the very high cost of providing education, it is very understandable that standards are generally poor and fees are high. What we need to do in this regard is to press govt to up their game. If govt schools are functioning no one will take their hard earned money to a poorly equipped and poorly staffed private school, simple. Moreover, we still need MORE schools for our teeming population, so the way to go is not to stop private schools. In terms of building standards, yes, the authorities need to be strict, but of course this is not limited to schools. We all remember the Synagogue Church matter.

  • nnanque

    He forgot to mention the biggest day-light looting that was masterminded by OBJ himself; i.e the $12b budgetted
    for the electrification scheme that has not been accounted for till today,

    • The actual figure was US$16.8B.
      PMB and his kitchen cabinet are confused. The debate is no longer necessary. If you are not indeed constrained by the invisible hands, go ahead and probe GEJ, he is your easy prey and lets who laughs last and who blink first. You have the floor since May 29. Why are you turning the probe issue to a debate? You ran on it, so do it.

      • AA

        Excellent. The jury is now out.

  • New Nigerian

    How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time..first we recover the $300 billion commonwealth stolen/hidden under Jonathan’s watch…then who knows, we have to kill corruption before it kills Nigeria right? Lets’ start with the most recent, because those are the easiest to unwound and then we work our way to 1960…In the interim anyone, including Kalu or any civil group is free to launch a case in any court or forward details if they have it to EFCC…Just saying “Cronies” does not make any sense…this has to be a fight that all Nigerians are invested in and it would take few 4-year terms to prosecute all. The smart thing to do is what the President is doing, start with the latest and biggest of all ..the mother of all corruptions under GEJ

  • Mazi JO

    Interesting! This is the Orji Uzor Kalu of the glory days of Abia State who started out distinctively but parried away as the time rolled in. I was reviewing a newspaper accounts of State Finances those days and found out that Abia was the only one with a budget surplus. I boasted to my friends we have a winner; a potential National maverick. Shortly after that nothing of note was ever heard of the fledgling ‘God’s own State’. What happened, our Hon. Ex-Governor? We are in a fight for National life. It should not be a ‘guerilla’ affair. It needs consistent and fearless prosecution. Now, your letter to the then Head of Government was on the mark. Had you pursued it with vigor and venom, Nigeria will be singing your praises today. Perhaps, the kind of mandate PMB is wielding as we speak should have been all yours at the time. Your effort were commendable but a little shy of its National significance for it caught OBJ’s attention without rattling his misadventure with the National revenue as you revealed. It is another time for the rounds in the fight. Can PMB count on your counsel when it comes to the particular cases you are rekindling? Or are you willing to testify as a Nigerian whether called up as a witness or not? There will be several twists and turns in the days ahead; several recriminations from an abundance of issues. We hope this is an avenue for you to revamp your old savvy in National Politics.

    • Kalu_J_Okafor

      Orji was adjudged action governor by Obasanjo. It is clear that Abia state started having problems because Orji saw corruption in the system and petitioned the president, Obasanjo. The interaction between Orji’s deputy with the then minister of works, Anennih is still fresh in the mind. All other intrigues, including dubbing Orji Uzor Kalu corrupt started from there.That was how corruption fought him back.

      • Mazi JO

        My question was why did he not continue in the Honorable showing? Why knowing that, he let the ‘Taiwan of Africa’ become a shadow of itself under his excellent initial attempts. A Balanced budget in a Country like ours is a rarity. A surplus is legendary. But those glories are lost in recent decadence. He should have followed his instincts and fought like a lion for he seemed to have a proof at the time.

  • Gbenga Ajele

    This is a distraction from one of the PRINCES of corruption in Nigeria. Corruption in Nigeria has a life of its own. As we have federal republic of Nigeria , we equally have CORRUPTION NIGERIA REPUBLIC with its judiciary, press, NASS, military,police, religious arm, intellectuals etc. We all know that corruption has a way of fighting back and they have already started. I just want the masses to be wary of these distractions.

  • utolason

    This is an unnecessary diversion tactic by people who have ruined Nigeria through years of corruption. Buhari shouldn’t go beyond the years of predecessor. Anyone serious about fighting corruption should have insisted that Jonathan probe his predecessor. If Jonathan did not see the need for it or didn’t prosecute OBJ then one is right to assume there was no evidence against him. It is wrong and diversionary to ask Buhari to do that.

    • GEJ is the easy prey.
      PMB should go ahead and do it if he is not constrained. The invisible government is watching.

      • PolyGon2013

        Yes, because, GEJ records are still fresh and they will be easy to get. We will start with GEJ and walk backward.

        • You are not in government and not in position to know.
          The records are there forever. Government comes and go. That was why PMB was called to come and testify to his records at PTF years after he left the organization.
          The records are still there. I am grateful that we are in a democracy. If it was possible for Buhari and APC to roll out decrees, GEJ would have been cooling his heels in jail now . Unfortunately it is not as you think.

          • Kalu_J_Okafor

            Here is the problem. Don’t Nigerians know that it took only a phone call from Buhari to Obasanjo for the Otta ape to declare Buhari innocent of the indictments of a probe panel? Good. If the records are there, Mr gwabanamen, why are we not ready to take on them orderly instead of this whole noise about looting under Jonathan?

        • Corruption has not statue of limitations. It won’t go as you think. Mr. Integrity will later on discover that it’s easier said than done. Proofs. Not on the pages of newspapers or social media. In the real court of competent authority.

    • PolyGon2013

      NASS can start probing OBJ & those before him. Buhari already picks his own target, and NASS can complement it.

  • Babalakin

    Actually the two of you are corrupt. So it makes no difference what you say. Please stop talking on the pages of newspaper what we already no. Submit your case to EFCC, then you are doing us a favour. I served (NYSC) in your state when you where the Governor and Aba was really terrible – security, cleanliness, law and order. It had all the problems.

    • STEVE

      Does his message make sense to you? If yes, then your outburst is presumably hypocritical and ethnically motivated

    • Kalu_J_Okafor

      Compare your state with Abia? You must be day dreaming. It is taking compromised EFCC donkey years to prosecute Orji Uzor Kalu. Get his message. He wrote Obasanjo directly. Keep sending your beggars down, Mr low pass cut-off mark. It

      • Donald

        my friend when is time for past states governors then you can post your hate on him , but right now what is on every good nigerian desk is a general audit on all past presidents on the federal republic of nigeria neither civilain or military they where all head of nigeria affares.

      • Akintola warned us about your mirage state, if it’s any good when do you plan to ALL move back there?
        openly raping your mother on the way to the market

    • This is what they would turn all Nigeria into, God forbid they ever get in power again

  • stevemoore

    God time is the best.This is the time. every Nigerian should be happy. and. thank God for trying to finally lead the country out of the hand of notorious armed robbers. Under the leadership of IBB.OBJ.

  • stevemoore

    The only solution to this mess is that we Nigerians should start disrespecting this people in the public.(e.g poster of this people in every street in Nigeria. Shame on you IBB.

  • kcynho

    No doubt Obasnajo is the Pioneer Grandsmaster of corruption in this federal Republic!

    • 21stCenturySlave


  • Ojiyovwi

    This is an interesting development. Is it possible that OBJ has crowed the loudest in the penn to divert attention away from this festering knowledge of alleged complicity and probable tacit conivance in disenfranchising our nation? We have all witnessed through this medium, Obasabjo’s tantrum from burning his PDP membership card in public to open criticism of incumbents. We have to believe that a ‘Murtala Muhammed’ has risen to the rescue of our embattled nation. Is Buhari an incarnation of Murtala? We are all watching developments – Obasanjo may live to rue the day he refused to gracefully retreat into oblivioin with his alleged loot.

  • nuelsymbol

    Kalu , what made you to wait to this time before blowing whistle for the attention of Nigeria.Why did you not insist President Jonathan should probe Obasanjo and now making noise.Why is it now that Igbo Elders headed by Prof Nwabueze are calling on probe of previous Govts before Jonathan. Silence means content . Since President Jonathan didn’t find anything wrong when he came on Board, Igbo should go and sit down. For President Buhari to start probing Govt before Jonathan, will be a waste of resources and time and as much, tantamount to witch hunting. Igbo were more prominent in Obasanjo Govt than Yoruba. Chief Obasanjo deserves what is happening to him in the hands of Igbo.

  • Deji Fadina

    SH&*%^T SWEET

    We can only get to Obasanjo through Jonathan and Yar’Adua. I am sure documentation will show projects abandoned by the two regimes on the basis of their non-feasibility after lots of money had been spent. Somebody will have to explain such misses.

    Jonathan should be encouraged to talk. If he protects Obasanjo, he goes down alone. It’s that simple.

    The answers are there in the books in some archives. There were AccountantGenerals in those years. There were governors of the CBN, there were AuditorGenerals. Many, in fact, ALL of them, know a lot.

    Sit them down, squeeze their pips and they will squeak, and finally spill lotds of beans. Remember Ijapa’s “Su didun” or {Sh@#$!&6t Sweet”?

    Allegations need some figures, and if possible where stolen loot can be found. Kalu’s allegations do not have these, even though he is telling the truth.

    • AA

      YOu are getting something wrong – it is Obj tat leads to Yar’Adua that leads to GEJ. Start at the beginning. Nigerians will not be fooled. If they start at GEJ, they will do a witch-hunt, and claim they don’t have time anymore. They will NEVER move to the others. We are not fools. Let’s shedule it now to include EVERYBODY and let it start at the beginning. And it must be INDEPENDENT, FORENSIC, THOROUGH and TRANSPARENT. Let’s do it, but no hiding place for PMB and his cronies.

      • Deji Fadina

        Sorry AA, nobody is going back to the Garden of Eden.

        GMB is responsible FOR HIS WATCH, and that is the person he inherited from. Let GEJ come out like Fashola and Okonjo-Iweala, and scream
        “Catch me if you can”?
        Yara’dua was on GEJ’s watch. If GEJ did not carry out a probe it was because he was SATISFIED none was necessary.
        Yara’dua inherited Obasanjo who was, therefore, HIS WATCH. If he did nothing, then he was satisfied there was no problem.
        When Jonathan gets to the courts, he can lay all the blame on Yara’dua and Obasanjo.
        It is the same dishonesty with which they skunked the moral landscape that they are using to skunk the simple common sense as to where a probe should begin.
        You do not decide who will probe your crime.

        • AA

          YOU are the one getting it wrong. There is NO constitutional provision that limits PMB to probing ONLY the immediate past regime. Indeed there is no constitutional mandate to probe previous regimes, so GEJ does not deserve the blame u are trying to lay on him on this score. The logic that regimes may only probe the immediate past regime is an invention that is being used to shield PMB’s cronies and sponsors and it rubbishes the whole integrity story. There is NO common sense in compromising what should be a good idea. Stop trying to shield PMB and his friends.

          • Supo

            And you stop trying to play on people’s sense of good judgment. GEJ simply lacked the balls to do the needful and he should not expect that the one that followed after him should follow his poor example. The President has decided to start his probe with his immediate predecessor. You can scream witch hunt all you want, it changes nothing. Those that voted for him are rooting for him as he goes about fulfilling his election promises. The courts are there for anyone that feels aggrieved.

          • AA

            Pls do not address me again if u don’t apologise for ur rudeness. I told u before. If u are not prepared to be polite, I am not prepared to debate with you. Good day.

          • Supo

            You take yourself serious man…The world does not revolve around you know. Stop responding to my post and let those interested digest my comments.

          • Very good answer

            bonne réponse

  • Nzeribe Leo

    All foreign accounts owned by public servants.How did such monies leave the shores of Nigeria.
    The banks were involved, so we have to check all the banks that facilitated these transaction for without them these thieves won’t be able to carry all the looted funds out of the country.
    This us a serious one and should be looked into.
    A public officer who has a foreign account and live far above his means need not be taken to court to investigate anything for already he has bridged the civil service act and jail awaits such individual

  • Chinedu Edward

    The guilty are always afraid, is that the reason while Olusegun Obasanjo is busy running around president Buhari to divert his( Buhari) attention and to cover up his Attrocities and mismanagement while in office, Obasanjo cup is fool, we are waiting to see where Buhari pendulum of judgement will fall.

  • Nzeribe Leo

    Who does not know that objects is the father of corruption and the father of tenure elongation.
    He is so corrupt the reason why he started frolicking with apc in disguise to avoid buharis probe but tome shall tell

  • albert bolten

    Let all of them join Apc, and that is the end the fight against corruption, but if the fight burst out of Apc camp, you will know that a new country has been born.



  • Moses2Ola_74Fam


    • GOD WIN 9JA

      God will bless you my brother for standing by the truth. I am tired of seeing Nigerians making comments with a tribal back-up

  • Dr. Jegede, Ajibade Ebenezer

    I don’t think there is the need to wait till now for a reasonable person to make this magnitude of corruption a public thing. Why is this revelation coming out this time? I hope there are no traces of corruption hitherto hidden being linked to Gov. Kalu or his kinsmen? The sudden leap on Obasanjo to me is baffling and inexplicable in the context of the number of years he had relinquished power to two or three presidents. I still hope it is not as a result of many indigbo’s being linked to treasury looting? Accusation should be a balanced one. Obasanjo of a truth cannot be exonerated of corruption but throwing accusation at only him for now is quite surprising and ungentlemanly

  • Deji Fadina

    On that note…..

  • It is astonishing how the election of Buhari as the President has literally began to ignite a wind of an ethical and social revolution in the country. In a country that eats and sleeps corruption, the President’s avowed pledge to do battle against corruption is sending jitters all over the land. People have started talking loudly. No more whispering. The new President has resisted, at least for now to be pushed into taking an impromptu decision. Ministers have not been appointed and the
    nation has not ground to a halt. The President has set up some very important committees to help with some specific national duties. He is, to the delight of all of us taking deserved legal advice to ensure that due process is observed. Nobody is certain how far he can go, but at least he is going to start somewhere. Whether or not he can go as far back as OBJ’s tenure will be a matter of time. After all, it is an axiom that Obasanjo has for decades shown himself as a
    personification of everything rotten in Nigeria. His tenure as President built and nourished corruption and institutionalized it as an ethos of governance. Sometimes I can’t but start feeling unease when I try to reflect on the enormous task President Buhari has taken up; but when I remember that this is an ex-army general, then the re-assurance creeps in. Tackling the monster of corruption in Nigeria is not a one year task. The most uplifting feeling is that it seems we are at last about to start somewhere. We wish the President all God’s guidance as he pursues those who have robbed the Nigerian nation senselessly blind.

    • AA

      You are missing the point just because u want to give undeserved praise to PMB. The debates going on right now are not indicative of an ‘ethical or social revolution’, they are actually an indication of the divisiveness that the president’s method and attitude is causing. Read people’s words and their sentiments carefully, my brother. The debates are assuming a dangerously ethnic and regional dimension, thanks in large part to the president’s 97% versus 5% comment. The president himself and the men who sponsored him into power must show themselves to be really corruption free b4 they can claim to be fighting corruption. So far, they have NOT done that – we are not fooled! PMB has not even the decency to honour a simple election promise and declare his assets publicly! As far as we can see, all this talk of fighting corruption is political grandstanding and hypocrisy of the highest order. Make I hear word jare!

      • Beejaybaba

        @AA I think you really need to see things from more than one angle. Charles has made a salaient points, Buhari’s moves still count as steps forward and not being retrogressive like the previous governement. Lets be patient and be optimistic. I wouldn’t be quick to judge if I were you.

        • AA

          Thank you Beejay. I agree that we need to see things from one angle, but maybe I sounded rather harsh. I wd like u to understand me, so let me try and repeat myself in different words. The whole approach to this so-called corruption fight is EXTREMELY JUDGMENTAL and DIVISIVE. We know that corruption is a national and cultural problem, but most supporters of the APC and PMB have already judged some people in the media; they are already throwing around huge sums of money and speaking without backup against ONLY ONE section of the political class. That is hypocrisy, my friend. Especially since we all know that there is no ideological difference between the APC and the PDP. We also know that those in govt 2day, including the president himself. They have ALL benefited from the ROT, indeed they have almost ALL – including PMB – been part of the rot. So, to single one section out for condemnation, and to begin to heap undeserved praise on one section is hard for me to take. Not that anyone is against the fight against corruption; but the hypocrisy and self-praise is so repulsive. I hope I have been able to make my point.

          • Supo

            You’re being emotional over nothing. The most important thing is that no single innocent person is roped in. To suggest that the President must start fighting corruption from independence is unserious. The president that in this fight no one will be a sacred cow. We should give him the benefit of the doubt. POP has been in government at the Federal level from 1999, any war against corruption would of course affect them more than others because they have been in control. Ask yourself why Mr. Jonathan didn’t have the balls to do anything about corrupt ion for all the time he was there? Abeg, enough of this silliness.

          • AA

            I’m sorry that we cannot give PMB the benefit of the doubt – that wd be political naivety. We already have his antecedents. We know how he put people from a particular part of the country in jail in the 80s and left others from another part off the hook. We know how he insisted on jailing people against whom no crime was proven. We have also heard his 5% statement. No sir, we cannot pretend to be foolish. And for the last time – why do u think u have a right to insult people? Is this part of the “change”? Are u unable to partake in a debate without throwing insults? It gives the impression that you nothing substantial to contribute, so I advise against it.

          • Supo

            I’ll ignore the whining…A robust debate is not for whiners.I suppose when you say “we” you mean the majority of the Nigerian people who elected him President because truth be told, he shouldn’t be concerned about what the haters feel about him. You have just regurgitated all the nonsense hauled at him to swift boat his candidacy and that fell flat. He shouldn’t be concerned with those who are content to hold on to the past, and he isn’t. That’s gratifying. He’s taken a decision about his approach to corruption and that’s that. If anyone has a problem with it, the courts are open. Other than that, we’re just enjoying a debate to strengthen our democracy the same way we vented on Saraki’s assumption office.

          • AA

            I am sure I have indulged u enough. U have indeed received more attention than ur rudeness deserves. Good day.

          • Supo

            Lol…run away. The kitchen has gotten too hot I see. Whining about tone when everything that have emanated from you here has been condescending, rude and insulting. Away with you. Thank God you didn’t invent the Internet.

          • AA

            I meant to say – “I agree that we need to see things from MORE than one angle ….” typo pls

    • Supo

      Thank you for your perspective my brother. At least they won’t insult you since you’re from their ethnic stock. These ones are just being ridiculous with the nonsensical position they are taking over this very important issue. Bless you.

  • Dr. Joseph Aluya

    Corruption brought about due to dysfunctional type of past leadership styles inculcated in our institutional system.Read inside the this book here at via @amazon View the video here at

  • Chukxharry

    Nigeria’s corruption phenomenon is intricately woven around the political class/public service,across the regions and tribes,military or civilian,that it’s next to the impossible to find a saint among them.Over the years,it has been successive cover-up by new administration for its predecessors,apparently because both the past and current office-holders have the tainted dossiers of the other in public life.If Buhari’s anti-corruption drive must be viewed differently and taken seriously, then he must have the courage to break this tradition,to send a strong message that he is out for an all-round war against corruption and has no skeleton in his closet for which anyone or group can blackmail him.Saying this because,anything less than comprehensive and holistic probe will send the wrong signal that he fears certain elements in the polity,who have some privileged information on his own past misdeeds,hence their exclusion to save his head.I want to believe he is the saint we all talk about. I have read and heard a lot about the corrupt practices during the administrations of OBJ,IBB,Abdusalam,etc, running into billions of dollars.GEJ was not yet in power when Hilary Clinton visited Nigeria and made mind-boggling and shocking revelations of how over US$300 billion had been stolen and stashed away abroad by past civilian and military regimes. Nigerians need all the money carted away to make up for her long underdevelopment in the hands of successive rogue leaders.

    • Start by stop selling fake merchandise and killer medication, move back to biafra then let see how many people would join or dare visit your land and come out alive.

      Every administration is corrupt except Badluck Jonathan right?

      • Chukxharry

        It’s a pity you brought up the unrelated issue of Biara into this discourse on corruption. We all have bias and it tends to colour how we view virtually everything in life,but bringing in the ethnicity of Kalu and the Biafran cause into this is taking it too far.He is,at least,entitled to his opinions, the same way we all do,and should not be abused for exercising his fundamental rights of “free speech”.

        Meanwhile,I never exempted GEJ,I only was saying we should not twist matters to give the impression,as we’re almost doing, that his administration was the only corrupt one we have had. All administrations, beginning from independence,even Buhari’s in the 80s ,were corrupt.

        • Perharp you’re an exception to the rule, the name callings Obasanjo and Oshiomhole gorilla and monkey non stop is almost exclusively igbo.

          Barrade of bitterness and insult towards Buhari is not stop regardless of his effort. Do understand i don’t mean this on a personally level however as a group i stand by my option contribution.

          Goodwill goes to all who consider themselves fellow nigerian and wants the goodness of this nation, but to those who want’s blood shed to achieve their goals at all means calling hausa cows and yorubas dirty animal, f’… nigerian “go biafra” i have no good will towards all.

          Personally if i’ve offended you, it unfortunate

          • Really?

            The bile or ‘bitter’ (interprete, prejudice) line seems blurred; and no matter how ‘educated’ and or ‘enlightened’ we may claim there are residues seeping out like putrid Nigerian public officers as toilets. No doubting you know!

          • The liver produces bile so as to function, your word. I would call most corrupt or woefully incompetent. When the head is routing the whole body would produce carbon monoxide odor. Trickle down guideline and expectation, runs from the top.



  • Okafoakpu Cyril

    The whole country is awash with dirty politician.Even the author himself is politically unclean.I believe Buhari is on right track even if it is the only thing achieves.Nigeria must not continue to live like this.This culture of mindless looting and impunity must stop,we are not helpless.

    • Supo

      Thank you for your insight bro.

  • Kazuna Maduka

    I always Like it when the POT calls the Kettle Black.
    And when the Pestle tells the Mortar to keep Quiet

  • akin

    Most Nigerians seem not to understand one fundamental creed about our so called leaders. Obj once told us during his time that if anyone could bring evidence against IBB, he would use that to probe him. Buhari can never talk of probing his military superiors and colleagues. He wont do it ,,,there are ample evidence of corruption against OBJ, Abdulsallam and many top generals in the celebrated Halliburton case. But Buhari and his handlers would flex muscles against a defenceless Jonathan.

    • Don’t forget;
      and a decisive leader Jonathan

  • As governor who did he probe or investigate in abia?

    Did he declare his asset or open his state’s books to the voters who put him in office?

    When he left office did he declare his asset?

    The probe should start with him!

    Bitter igbo man

  • When Buhari finishes investigating all the corrupt corpus in Jonathan administration in jail, igbo’s you vote your son’s or daughter into office, then push their administration to investigate Buhari administration opened is all we want.

    Allahu souta

  • Igbo land under igbo leadership not hausa, who do you blame for this, Buhari?
    Shame on you kalu
    Do list your achievement as a governor?

  • Caleb Olakigbe

    Governor Kalu, you are afraid of your bosses from the North- – – – – – – .
    When you become President Orji Uzor Kalu start your investigation from 1960, people like you do not want Nigeria to move forward or start to reduce corruption at all. Well, is it because of your millions in Western world and your house in Finchley Central, North London, UK, (which you bought for £300,000 (present value £600,000) when you was the governor of Abia’s state). Please, I do not want you to die such as Okadigbo that always abuse Pa Awoo. This is why the Yorubas respect General Odumegun Ojukwu, the leader of Igbos. Well, educated people such as Great Zik of Africa or General Ojukwu or Ex commonwealth secretary Chief Emeka Anyaoku, GCVO, CON would not be talking like you (high education is missing). As Kalu always disrespect OBJ, if you are the real Oriji Kalu, can you do the same thing to IBB or any big guy in the North, you will be a gunner or the end of your career. I trust my ex head of state IBB, he will deal with Kalu silently. EFCC will soon come to Orji Uzor Kalu to keep him quite, which is why Kalu is afraid of the big Northerners.
    Thanks to President Buhari, he make Nigerians stand tall (respect) again among the elite nations, the big guys like Kalu are afraid of Buhari’s administration.

  • Rev

    Haba…Baba Obasanjo….Will you take Nigeria with you to the grave? That is if you have not sold Nigeria to the great beyond…But God will deliver his people…! But Mr. Orji what is it that has triggered you off this time…We need to know…
    Albeit…May God help Nigeria!

  • nuelsymbol

    I waited enough to get the response of Papa who is good in responding to this type of accusation .Could silence means content ?

  • Baba Raphael

    Kalu is right, Obasanjo is definitely corrupt and that is why he could not wage anti corruption war, he was more upset with Jonathan because his group looted Nigeria more.

  • Nicklan

    ‘who owns Bells University and Bells Secondary School? Who paid for the
    construction of hostels and gigantic sports complex at the Bells
    Secondary School? I put it to you sir, that both projects were financed
    with Nigerian taxpayers’ money’
    When is Mr. ‘anti-corruption’ Buhari going to investigate this as the most urgent to start with among these allegations and if it is true to immediately return these institutions to the government and prosecute the felon.

  • Dare Arokoyo

    OK, all previous regimes in Nigeria have been corrupt. Remember, even the five majors claimed they struck to arrest corruption. Therefore? Are we suggesting we embark on a wild goose chase by probing all the regimes? By postulating that any meaningful probe should start from Obasanjo, is Kalu submitting that all regimes before Obasanjo are free of corruption? Here we have to strike a balance between what is desirable and what is
    possible. Such probes, however desirable, would consume Nigeria. Did the Yar’adua regime see corruption in Obasanjo regime and failed to act? Did Jonathan see corruption in the Yar’adua regime and failed to act? If yes, both Yar’adua and Jonathan were/are guilty. But truth is, the structures and persona dramatis that should have made such probes meaningful are no more in place for Buhari to act. So the opportunity to do that is lost forever. Neither is it Buhari’s business as such would derail his vision and mission. Seems to me Kalu’s argument tallies with the biblical story of stoning the adulterer – let the innocent throw the first stone. The real target is Buhari, not Obasanjo; the aim is to scuttle the anti-corruption crusade by poking spanners in the works. Yes, we are all corrupt but are we therefore expecting angels to come and fight corruption? or therefore we should allow corruption to continue? The rod of corruption of the immediate past regime is still hot and Buhari should not be distracted from striking it before it gets cold like those of the previous regimes whose judgement is only possible in heaven. Yes, Buhari is no saint, but he has got what his peers lack – the dogged determination to fight corruption. Please allow him do.