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Race for new Ooni: Giesi ruling house to present names for position


Ooni Of Ife

Ooni Of Ife

Following the demise of the Ooni of Ife Oba Okunade Sijuwade, Olubuse 11, and the conclusion of all necessary rites of passage, race to the exalted vacant stool may have begun in earnest as the Giesi Ruling House, Moore quarters, Ile-Ife, Osun State yesterday signalled its intention to present names of candidates to Ife kingmakers for consideration.

Spokesperson of the Giesi Ruling House, Adelowo Ogunleye, the
Geisi ruling at a press briefing in Osogbo yesterday said it was the turn of the ruling house to produce the next Ooni of Ife.

Ogunleye, leading other members of the ruling house to the State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists {NUJ}, the venue of the event said that going by the rotational arrangement on succession to the throne, the ruling house is the next to present omooye {candidates} in line with Ife tradition.

He said that the claim by the ruling house is contained in a government declaration captioned ‘’ The Ooni of Ife Chieftaincy Declaration’ reference No. CB141/7/1/540 dated August. 22, 1977 addressed to the then Executive Secretary of Oranmiyan Local Government, Ile-Ife from the office of Military Governor of Oyo State and duly signed by the then secretary to the military government and Head of Service (HoS).

He said that paragraph {a} in the letter states that ‘the order of rotation among the ruling houses including: 1. Osinkola ruling house, 2. Ogboru ruling house 3. Giesi ruling house and 4. Lafogido ruling house.

He also stated that another memorandum entitled: “Appointment of a
New Ooni” dated September 16, 1980, released by the then Executive Council of Oyo State, with reference No. OYSGM (80) 107 also buttress their claim by the Giesi ruling house.

Ogunleye noted the last Ooni, Oba Sijuwade was produced by the
Ogboru ruling house after the demise of his predecessor, Sir. Adesoji Aderemi of the Osinkola ruling house, who died in 1980 after ruling for 50 years.

He said that going by the rotational arrangement on ground, the next ruling house to produce the next Ooni of Ife should automatically and normally come from the Giesi ruling house according to the government approved rotational arrangements sited.

According to him, based on the government rotational arrangements, the entire members of the family of Giesi ruling house are ready to forward names of qualified candidates from the ruling house that could easily ascend the throne of the Ooni to the appropriate quarters for consideration

The Guardian learnt yesterday that in line with Ife tradition, names of qualified candidates were expected to be sent to the traditional chiefs who in turn would forward the names to Ifa priest appointed to consult Ifa oracle through divination to enhance selection process on the best candidate whose reign would usher in, peace,

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  • Wale King Degoke

    The one who states his case first seems right until the other comes and examines him. Proverbs 18:17 (English Standard Version)

    – Next Monarch
    Giesi ruling house have explained that following an injunction to restrain the late Oba Sijuwade from coming to the throne, they listened to some elders that stepped in and dropped the injunction to allow the ascension of Olubuse II. This means that Giesi have failed to stand their ground and as a consequence lost their chance to become the next monarch to Ogboru ruling house in 1980 and prima facie lost their chance of the fair and impartial rotation. It is thus ostensible however that the next to be Ooni must hail from the Lafogido ruling house.

    – Ifa Oracle
    Since it is Ifa oracle that selects who becomes the new monarch according to popular belief, it is not for Giesi Princes alone to nominate themselves as candidates to succeed the throne. Rather, Ifa will decide (without manipulation) whether or not Giesi ruling house, having lost their chance to Ogboru ruling house in 1980 will be next to become the Ooni or it is infact Lafogido ruling house.

    – Age of the Next Monarch
    It is accepted that Ifa does not have anything to do with age, and the law says nobody above the age of 30 should be prevented from becoming the next Ooni. Intellectual attempts and suggestions to marginalize a man of 30 or 40 to mount the throne of Ooni are irresponsible and counter-productive. Perhaps I should educate you all about men in their 30s from kingdoms and provinces that have existed long before Ile-Ife was formed:

    – Men in their 30s
    ~ Joseph was 30 years old when he became the Prime Minister of Egypt
    ~ The levi Priests officially entered service at the age of 30
    ~ David became king of Israel when he was 30 years old
    ~ Ezekiel was called by God as a prophet at age 30
    ~ John the Baptist was age 30 when he came out!
    ~ Jesus (King of the Jews, now King of kings) officially started his ministry at age 30
    ~ Alexander the Great began ruling the world in his 30s
    For the consistency of this article I will not mention Queen Elizabeth II who assumed the throne of England, the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth at the age of 26!

    Just because a lie has been in office does not make it true. Our generation is more open-minded and empowered.