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Why terrorism, violent crimes thrive, by Buhari


BOKO-HARAM-CopyCommonwealth leaders to tackle extremism, climate change

PRESIDENT Muhammad Buhari says violent extremism and terrorism could only thrive and endure if good people remain idle and complacent.

Buhari who spoke on behalf of other participating African Heads of State and Government at the closing executive session of the 2015 Commonwealth Summit in Malta said he was confident that terrorism would be ultimately defeated with greater international collaboration.

In another development, Commonwealth leaders rose from their three-day meeting yesterday in Malta with a firm resolve to tackle the twin issues of violent extremism and devastating effects of climate change across the globe.

Buhari who participated in virtually all the deliberations at the meeting has since left Malta for Paris, the capital of France, where he is expected to participate in the global summit on climate change scheduled to open in the city today.

A statement by Garba Shehu his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity in Malta quoted Buhari as saying: “We have had the opportunity to discuss, in a serene atmosphere, wide-ranging issues that are of great significance, not only to the members of the Commonwealth, but to the entire global community.

“Of particular note is the Action Statement on Climate Change, which is expected to herald our commitment to saving the planet for present and future generations.

“Of equal significance are our deliberations on Radicalisation and Violent Extremism. We are witnesses to the growing phenomenon of terrorism that is affecting us all, whether big or small.

“The reign of terror will only succeed if peace-loving people choose to remain idle. But I am confident that through our collective efforts, we will defeat this scourge and restore peace,” Buhari said.

The president also reaffirmed the unwavering commitment of Nigeria and other African member-countries to the promotion and protection of the core values of the Commonwealth.

“I came into power via democratic principles and values espoused by this same body. Nigeria as a country, will continue to protect and promote these democratic ideals,” Buhari assured heads of delegations at the session.

Buhari thanked the outgoing Secretary-General, Kamalesh Sharma for his exemplary service to the Commonwealth, saying: “We in Nigeria will not forget his five memorable visits to our country during his tenure. As this is his last CHOGM in his present capacity, I know I speak for my colleagues from Africa in expressing our immense gratitude and best wishes to him,” Buhari said.

He also congratulated the Commonwealth’s Secretary-General-elect, Patricia Janet Scotland, and assured her of the full support of Nigeria and other African members of the Commonwealth.

In a communique at the end of the meeting, the Heads of Government of the 53-member nations under the aegis of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, ( CHGM) reaffirmed their shared and “enduring commitment” of the people to the values and principles of the Commonwealth Charter.

Besides, the communique further stressed that the leaders also addressed issues bordering on sustainable development, trade and investment, migration and safety guarding the interests of Commonwealth small states and emphasised that the unique nature of the Commonwealth added value in responding to contemporary global challenges.

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  • vic


  • MUkintu

    A shameless leader of a shameless nation.

  • forestgee

    Most likely the international community has unmasked the “change” in Nigeria as a fraud! SAD

  • Damilola

    Looooolz I de laugh. Only unsuspecting dull analytical minds could buy into this joke cracked by the president. You tlk terrorism? So you can talk terrorism? You know how to tackle terror? You must of course know then the courses, both immediate and remote, of BH. This is simple. If you political elites in the north fail to desist from your conservative sociological pattern, BH will remain stronger and stronger each day. I bet BH wouldn’t have had it easy coming to the west to perpetrate their evils easily with innocent child. How many children do you have in an house hold? Even the ones with many, without money to take care of them value their lives. A society that legalise Begging, Almajiri, careless wandering children just for political gains has no moral standing in taking solutions to terrorism. The solution in the case of Nigeria starts with them, where children are no better than pigs, where cows are more protected and cared for than human. A leader of a society that promotes wandering and Begging over Education and proper labour, has nothing to do with such talks coming from Baba Gaskia. If he does, it’s hypocrisy, “let me just tell them what they want to hear”

    On climate change you talked about Mr. Speaker, I’m sure your govt was aware when Germany and countries were recalling millions of VW cars for her deceptive tool on toxic emisión? We heard nothing from a “supposed” concerned govt here till about 2months after the tension was downed at the international arena. It’s like someone shouting goal after the game is already called off. What do you call such person in a gathering? I’m sure some of those cars are moving at their pace in Nigeria as we speak. The Ogoni land cleansing what has your govt done on that? Yet you speak as if you’re concerned.

    These leaders are no fool, they know what’s going on with us. You can’t claim you have respect for the rule of law and democracy and still act the way you acted and still acting on bending the rules always to suit you and resulting to such rules when it’s convenient for you. This is seen in the Dasuki and Kanu’s case. The latter- on democracy, is seen in the case of Kogi elections. Kogi election has raised my fear for 2019. If this people can manipulate their own person- faleke and use the INEC to satisfy their plots what do we expect if they’d lost? If INEC that was independent of interference, which gave you your mandate, is now found in a “party mess”, then we’re in trouble. Your actions speak more than your words Mr. President. This people will look and follow your actions rather than talks, they’re far from you sir.

    On the successes of your trips in getting investors down to Nigeria, I’m afraid we’re not seeing nothing and in what you’ve told us today, there is nothing suggesting that in the president’s engagements. So where are the investors coming from. Is our home- Nigeria even well set for visitors to come in? Fuel scarcity doesn’t seems to stop soon, no encouraging remark is coming out, the petroleum Minister has failed to tell us what’s happening and what’s been done to arrest the situation; BH is celebrating their own birthday everyday, celebrating advances of their course, insecurity is at the Peak; Lagos the hub of Business is striving to reduce her territory from war zone each day, there is uncertainty in govt policies on the economy, just to mention a few. How do investors come in in such dire situations?

    It’s obvious not only America was duped according to Washington Post , but Nigerians were outrightly raped by this Mirage Change agents