Did You Know? Alcohol Makes You Fat

By Augustina Okpechi |   12 September 2018   |   5:00 pm  

When it comes to alcohol, a lot happens that you don’t know or probably don’t pay attention to.

Research finds that the best approach to gaining weight is by reducing your meal and drink intake as well as exercising.

Yet, speculations that reducing one’s intake of alcohol helps in fat reduction especially since alcohol does not have fat in it.


How then can alcohol make you fat?

  • Alcohol contains nearly twice as much the number of calories as carbohydrate. However, there are no beneficial nutrients, vitamins or mineral that are contained in these calories.
  • Also, the body cannot store alcohol. Hence, once taken, it must be burnt immediately especially since it breaks into acetate, the body’s primary energy fuel.
  • Alcohol is known as a potent appetite stimulant. This means that it makes you crave for more food. When combined with your meal, the resultant effect is weight gain.

Moderation is the best approach which comes with some tips for you.

Water: Drink as much water as possible. For every one drink, you take, take two of water.

Ice: Use ice, it adds no actual calories and makes your drink seem bigger.

Salty snacks: Avoid these when drinking, they make you want to drink more.

Diet soda: This is preferable for mixers as it reduces your overall caloric intake.T


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