Take The Quiz: What Kind Of Parents Do You Have?

By Chidirim Ndeche |   05 September 2018   |   9:00 am  

Are your parents overly strict, normal or way too easy going? Take this fun quiz to find out. Add up the points next to the number you choose and check your results after.

Parenting. Photo: The Lighthouse Keeper

When you go to a store with your parents, they:
1. Let you wander around the store and pick out whatever you want.
2. Tell you to stay close to them and in their sight.
3. Make you go everywhere with them so that you don’t get lost, and only buy things on the shopping list.

You want to throw a party at your house for your birthday, and your parents:
1. Don’t care how many friends you invite over as long as you have fun.
2. Give you a set amount of guests you can invite and certain rules to follow.
3. Say, “What? A Party? In my house?” and then call a family meeting concerning your matter.

When you get home for dinner, your parents give you:
1. Whatever you want to eat.
2. Whatever you want as long as it’s healthy.
3. Only the food at home.

For your birthday, your parents buy you:
1. The most expensive things on your wishlist.
2. The thing you’ve been wanting for a long time.
3. Whatever they think is cool, even if you hate it.

Your parents don’t let you play outside because:
1. What?! My parents let me do whatever I want whenever I want.
2. You could get kidnapped or injured.
3. You have homework to do. Play for what?

You describe your parents as:
1. Very easy going.
2. Fair.
3. Strict killjoys.


6-9: Your parents are way too easy going. They will let you have whatever you want. We suggest that they make some rules.
10-13: Your parents are pretty normal. They care for you and try to ensure your safety.
14-18: Your parents are overly strict. We suggest that they give you a little space to live.


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