Nicki Minaj Says She Is Embarassed By Cardi B Fight

By Urenna Ukiwe |   11 September 2018   |   7:00 am  

According to reports, Nicki Minaj said she was embarrassed by the fight with Cardi B. A quarrel between the pair had been brewing for a while but turned physical at a New York Fashion Week party on Friday, which Cardi later suggested was because Nicki made comments about her parenting.

Nicki said on her Beats One radio show: “It’s so sad for someone to pin that on me because I’m the bad guy and they know people would believe them.


“I would never talk about anyone’s child or parenting.”

According to TMZ, the tussle began after Cardi approached her rival over “lies Nicki was spreading”.

She was allegedly elbowed in the face by a security guard, before throwing a shoe at Nicki, who appeared unharmed from the episode.

Nicki Minaj/ Cardi B. Photo: Google

After the fight, Cardi B was led out barefoot with a bump above her eye.

The way they [party guests] passed by looking at this disgusting commotion, I will never forget. I was mortified,” said Nicki.

Supposedly talking directly to Cardi B, she said: “You’re angry and you’re sad. This is not funny and this is not about attacking.

“This is about getting this woman some help.”

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