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Signs Your Gambling Is An Addiction



Most often things we do for fun might cross the line from just fun to addiction and it might be difficult to discover this.

If you enjoy gambling, it isn’t always easy to tell where the line is between a hobby and a compulsion or addiction that has the potential to leave a person in debt, damage their relationships and harm their mental health according to TMZ.


According to Catherine Sweet, from gambling addiction charity GamCare, “for many people gambling is not a harmful activity, but for some, it can become a serious problem”.

According to the Gambling care organisation, below are some signs to show gambling has become a problem or addiction for you:

Your spending has become uncontrolled
When you discover you go to the extent of borrowing or using up your life’s savings to gamble, then there is a problem of addiction. If something is done for fun, it should not drain you financially, in fact, if possible, you can make money from it. When your spending is uncontrolled, then it is time to stop.

You’re spending significant time gambling
Instead of spending time to do significant things for yourself, you will rather gamble away your time, then a problem is around the corner. When you find yourself wasting time meant for development on gambling, then it has become an addiction and you should seek help.

You’re concealing or lying about gambling behaviour
You are not bold enough to tell people what you are doing or where you are going, that means you are doing something bad and such should be stopped.

Also, you find yourself drifting away from your family and friends because you are either gambling or avoiding the backlash that comes from your family due to the habit, then, it is time to stop.

You have no apparent interests or leisure pursuits
Everything that interests you before you started gambling now interests you no more, no more apparent interests or leisure pursuit, it is time you knew you are addicted and need help. It is not easy to overcome addictions, however, with the right company around you, you will pull through.

Addictions are not something you can easily overcome, however, when you think about the negative effects and how it is slowing down your growth, you might give seeking help a shot.

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