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The Mental Health Speaks Fundraising

Statistics show that every 40 seconds, one person dies of suicide, that suicide occurs throughout the lifespan and is the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds globally.

Too many people slip into depression with several thoughts of suicide as an escape route. For this, they construct a cage which no one can penetrate through and this has risen the mortality rate of humans to a point one can never imagine; a point of public health concern! Is it the countless cringing cry of one who had given up on life or the one who ended the life abruptly without having a second thought? Depression and Suicide are now deep-rooted in our society and needs to be eradicated and made extinct.

We have seen! We have heard and this has prompted ANTI SUICIDE AND DEPRESSION SQUAD(ASADS) in partnership with YEMI ADEYEMI FOUNDATION and GUARDIAN LIFE into action by bringing further awareness to this important and critical discussion—-and letting people know that it is not OK to not to be OK.

Mental Health flyer, Photo credit: Getty Images

Mental Health Speaks would not only raise funds for the people who are currently battling with mental health and related issues via support group sessions and more but would also be an avenue for other people who are on the brink of collapsing to come forth and let out their pain and listen to a whole lot of discussion.

“People are taking their lives, a lot of people are depressed. I believe that one shouldn’t keep to him or herself, there is power in sharing—we have been listening to some of them share their stories, and see therapist, still there are some people out there who have been hiding, we have to tell those that are still struggling with this issue to sign up for this event. There is no need to be ashamed, you will not regret this, for there is hope at the end of the tunnel,” said Dare Asobele, the founder of Anti suicide and depression squad(ASADS).

Mental health speaks will connect to the largest community by creating a convenient platform where many would gather to share a common goal -TO SHARE AND TO LEAN ON A SHOULDER OF HOPE!


Date: Sunday, 19TH MAY, 2019

Time: 1PM-6PM

Activities: Music| Drama| Spoken words

Highlights of the event are:

1. MENTAL HEALTH TALKS: on all issues related to mental health
Facilitators are; Mr. Dennis Agbeti (Psychologist), The Maryam Giwa (Storyteller)

2. MUSIC: liberating sounds from season artistes.
Featuring; Doreen Donalee, Yokeegilla, Muyiwa Frank, Phola, Dami

3. SPOKEN WORDS: The healing power of words delivered through outstanding spoken words artistes.
Featuring; The Angie Francis, Kormbat, Ogooluwa, Andrew


The following people will be live at the event!

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