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Does The Medium Of Calling Matter More Than The Calling Itself

Popular OAP and media personality, Toke Makinwa, posted a video on her Youtube channel that went viral because she mentioned that she saw guys who only called on Whatsapp as lazy and women preferred being called instead of just being texted all the time. She loved the thought of someone spending his money to actually call “normally”. A snippet, not the full video, was shared on various social media platforms. It showed Toke Makinwa expressing her preference for guys who spent ‘money’ on calls as opposed to making Internet calls or just texting. What got most people upset online was how she outrightly declared that guys who made Whatsapp calls were lazy. Regardless of the fact that it was just a part of the video taken out of context, it still infuriated people. The arguments went from Whatsapp calls not being free because it uses data you have to pay for, to whether the medium of communication mattered at all.

Toke has her own opinion and has stated it openly online. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, does the medium used in reaching out to your partner matter so much? Every relationship is unique in its own way. You and your partner should know what modes of communication work for you; it doesn’t matter whether you’re sending pigeons with little notes to each other or video calling at random moments. Do not be pushed into demanding more. External opinions or societal standards should not be what is driving your relationship or affect it negatively. Direct it towards peace of mind and your ideals of happiness.

The most important thing is to communicate in your relationship, whether it’s via text, Whatsapp, Telegram, voice calls, video calls or direct messages. It is important to stay connected.

Watch the full video here:

What is your take on what she said? Do you agree with her? How do you communicate with your partner in your relationship?

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