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Fascinating Facts About The Korean Beauty Scene

The average beauty regime for a Korean woman has up to 11 steps and is treated as a holistic lifestyle experience every morning. In the beauty scene K-beauty is actually a thing. In South Korea buying plastic surgery is as common as buying a new lipstick. Regardless of how extreme Koreans take their beauty routine, here are some interesting things that might just make their way to your beauty bag.

Masks are everything


Photo Credit: Vogue

In Seoul, there is shop after shop selling nothing but face masks with all manner of claims and for all concerns. Korean women use masks every single day, as opposed to in the West where they are used more for a special occasion or a pick-me-up, according to international beauty director for Condé Nast Asia, Kathy Phillips.

Plastic surgery is nothing to hide

On the contrary, it is something to be proud oft. “Plastic surgery is part of everyday life. In Korea, plastic surgery is so common that people walk around with bandaged faces like it is nothing.

Product and packaging are the same thing

Photo Credit: Style Caster

Photo Credit: Style Caster

The virtue of story telling is a important as the story itself. Christine Chang, co-founder of Glow Recipe, thinks K-beauty is having such a boom because of the cute, social-media friendly packaging of Korean products and the power of electronic peer-group influence.

Nose jobs, facial reconstruction and surgeries equals good jobs

Employers are concerned with having a good-looking workforce. Young women are gifted with plastic surgery on their birthdays or graduation presents. Parents even pay for surgeries as they feel like they owe their children that much to go into the job market.

The extensive Korean beauty regime is getting an extension

Women slowly enjoy their daily beauty regime. There is no hurry, no rush. It is something to be slowly enjoyed. Unlike the time saving solutions we have, Korea’s seven-step regime has taken a bump to 11 stages.

$5.00 on new nose instead of hard luxury

Plastic surgery rivals a new handbag or piece of jewelry, as they see it as a better investment. Plastic surgery in Korea is also tax-exempt for the next five years.


Source: Vogue

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