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Makeup Tips & Tricks For When You Wear Glasses

Nowadays, it’s difficult to tell those who wear glasses as a fashion statement or because they actually need them. If you happen to need your glasses to see and can’t just take them off or not wear them when it’s convenient for you, then you know the struggle of eye makeup. Sometimes we don’t want to put on eye makeup because we’re worried it’ll smudge against or lens or we feel no one is going to see it anyway.

Well, I’m sharing a few tips that will come in handy for the ladies who have to wear glasses to function fully but still want to put on a little makeup every now and then.

Tips to Make Your Makeup Pop Even With Glasses

Invest in a set of travel eye makeup brushes with short handles.

This way, you can get as close to the mirror as you want without worrying about the brush handles hitting anything, or having to bend your wrist in ridiculous angles to apply comfortably.

woman with glasses

 Use a volumizing mascara instead of a curling one.

Curled/longer lashes will constantly hit and brush against your lenses. A volumizing mascara will make your lashes look fuller and you won’t have to deal with stains on your lenses.

 Eyeshadow Primer will keep your glasses up

If you ever struggle with your frames constantly sliding down your nose, consider using eyeshadow primer before anything else. Even if you’re not going to use foundation or anything else, primer will keep your frames secure in their position. Also, you can use translucent powder or setting spray for more staying power.

Yellow-Toned Concealers Hide Shadows

Frames usually cast a shadow under your eye. You can counteract this by using a yellow-toned concealer. Just remember to blend well.

Your Eyebrows Frame Your Glasses

In a way, it’s easier for women who wear glasses to have great eyebrows. Your eyes are already framed by your glasses, so your eyebrows just frame your glasses. With this in mind, get out your pencil, gel, powder, or whatever brow product you use and get those ladies looking fine. Draw them how you want them to look on top your frames.

Bigger Frames equals More Space to Play

The bigger the frame of your glasses, the more room you have to work with. You can try a smoky eye. Or experiment with eyeshadow if you want. Think of your glasses as a viewing glass and your eyes as the exhibit.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold With Your Lips

Your glasses are statement enough. So, in the event that you don’t feel like putting on makeup, a bright/bold lipstick is more than enough. Pick a colour that matches how you feel and rock it.

Align Your Cat Eye with Your Glasses

People who struggle with eyeliner will love this one.  If you wear glasses, a great way to make sure your wing in on fleek is to align the flick with the top corner of your glasses. It’ll draw your eyes up and make them appear larger.

woman glasses 2

Experiment with Bold Eyeliner Colours

If you want your eyes to pop behind your glasses, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold eyeliner colours. Or, you can use an eyeliner brush to apply a bright eyeshadow along your lower lash line.

Coordinate Your Coloured Frames with Makeup

I know you think being matchy matchy is corny, but it’s also fun sometimes. Your glasses and makeup can make even more of a statement when the colours match. Red frames with red lipstick, for instance, is pretty dope.

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