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Samsung Ridicules iPhones With New Ad

We are all familiar with the Samsung vs. Apple war.

The battle has raged for years between the companies and even among their fans.

Samsung has never been afraid to take shots at their rival Apple and this has given them a long history in and out of court.

Although it’s been a while since Samsung attacked their rival directly, especially after the exploding Galaxy Note 7 was the source of many memes, this commercial came just in time for the release of the much-anticipated iPhone X.

The new advertisement plays heavily on the war between the two firms.

In the ad, Samsung ridicules iPhones for running out of space thanks to Apple’s use of 16GB of storage, showing the Galaxy Note 3 with its 5.5-inch display and Apple’s much smaller 4-inch panel for the iPhone 5S.

Samsung mocks Apple and its fans that line up outside stores to get the latest iPhone.

Its Galaxy series has a waterproof feature while an iPhone sits in a bowl of rice. Add that to the ridiculous iPhone dongle its users need to be able to charge and listen to music at the same time.

Samsung’s commercial, tagged “Growing Up”, sees an iPhone addict switch to a Galaxy Note 8 instead of queueing for the new iPhone X.

Basically, the ad’s theme is focused on Samsung always being a step ahead of Apple in terms of hardware, and it has given its fans extra ammunition to use during debates.

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