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The week

20/20 hindsight is perfect.  For Tee Billz, he can see clearly now where it all went wrong – somewhere between the five star hotel in Dubai and the man-sized wedding cake. For UK’s Labour they may reflect on what they could have differently to avoid their impending doomsday, while Lagos State may come to regret their wanton destruction of Otode Gbame now the world is watching. Here are the stories that made our week….


Tee Billz – the bigger the wedding, the shorter the marriage.

There’s plenty of research to suggest that the more lavish the ceremony the more likely the marriage is to crash. Singer Tiwa Savage and her former manager Tee Billz had a fairytale romance and a very lavish wedding.  From Lagos to Dubai the celebrity crowd followed them in designer clothes and diamonds, but their breakup was even more spectacular with social media insults flying and an attempted suicide. As he took part in a workshop-based wedding event, Billz said “If I have the chance of doing my marriage over again, l will put God first and not have an elaborate wedding.”




Otode Gbame to the world

The international media expressed dismay and skepticism at the Lagos State’s forceful dismantling of the homes of the Otode Gbame community that has left thousands homeless and reportedly cost the life of one man. There have been crowdfunding campaigns from as far away as America to raise aid, while locally some on social media have rallied to collect supplies for the displaced people who have lived on the water for generations and have nowhere else to go.




Take your seats for the end

Not the Iron Lady yet, but definitely showing her erm mettle. In a checkmate to possibly wipe out the Labour Party (or even socialism itself) in the UK, a  snap election has been called for June this year.  The Labour Party, which has suffered many months of chronic infighting, must now fight for it’s survival with a maverick leader against a strong conservative party in a country that is still anti-immigration and anti-welfare.



Facebook kills

Most people update their statuses to low-key show off how great their lives are or go on an angry rant.  But there’s always that one person in your friend list who does extra.  Taking things way too far, a man on Facebook Live boasted of being in the midst of a killing spree. The “Facebook killer” Steve Stephens spread panic when he said he killed multiple people and then killed a victim live at random.  Only the one victim has actually been found yet but the proof is there.  Social Media can be murder.


Esther Afua Ocloo

Google celebrated the 98th birthday of Ghanaian business woman the ‘mother’ of microfinancing who helped to empower so many women in Africa and beyond.

Before her death she co-founded Women’s World Banking that lends to millions worldwide and also established programs to help street vendors.  In her honour Google changed its homepage logo in the United States; Ghana; Peru; Argentina, Iceland; Portugal; Sweden; Australia; Greece; New Zealand; Ireland and the UK to a “doodle” – or illustration – of her empowering the women of Ghana.



Ball in the court for Serena Williams.

Happy yet sad day for the Internet on finding Serena Williams to be expecting a child with fiancee Alexis O’hanion.  It’s not that the Internet doesn’t wish her happiness. It’s just that that happiness is not allowed to get in the way of more grand slams and GOATness, or Beyonce cameos and the Internet finds it extremely disappointing that Serena wouldn’t at least wait until after Wimbledon before finding another reason to exist.  Perhaps feeling bad for the Internet, Serena deleted the  ’20 weeks’ post from her Instagram account, because you know the Internet needs time and sensitivity to get used to a tennis world without Serena.

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